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So I’m sitting at the office right now, filling in for my mom. We both work for the same apartment rental complex. I clean vacant apartments (as well as have clients outside the complex) and my mom is the office manager. Quitting my part-time retail job last winter (January of this year) was a hard decision. However the company I worked for wasn’t as flexible as I needed it to be and when my hubby got laid off AGAIN last summer and started working weird shifts through a temp agency, retail would not be good right now.

My mom is moving to Arizona next spring. I may or may not get this job as office manager. That has yet to be seen. However for the time being when she goes out-of-town or is sick I always fill in. Last week I moved all my cleaning jobs around to fit into the same week instead of alternating weekly. I have 1 weekly cleaning and 2 bi weekly cleanings as well as 1 monthly. I fit them all in last week so no one would go without cleaning too long while I cover the office. I will be here in the office through the 23rd. My mom should be back the 23rd or 24th.

I am extremely busy with being here, and scheduling who is watching the kids since Christmas break starts this next week. That was slightly stressful pulling together. IF I get this position full time next year I will know much further in advance so setting up summer/afterschool daycare shouldn’t be a huge issue.

So why am I telling you all this? Come on, that’s what you’re wondering right? Well I feel distant lately. I feel like all my energy is being pulled in opposite directions. Don’t worry, I will still have posts here almost every day. In fact I have an ARC giveaway coming on Monday (the 20th) that you most certainly do NOT want to miss out on. It’s a book I wholeheartedly recommend…and I LOVED IT. I also have a special guest blog next week as well as a hump day hottie (yum-o).

It’s hard to voice what is actually going on in my brain. I think I mentioned a long time ago…back before I had any followers (HA)…that I tend to suffer from bouts of depression. I get much worse during the winter months. The colder it gets, and it worse I feel. It’s pretty darn cold in Ohio right now, LOL.

Just bear with me through the Christmas holiday. Once I get into a rhythm it will be much easier for me to fit everything in. Next year will bring with it new and exciting changes! Both in my personal life and here on Ramblings! I have some great stuff planned!


  1. Getting into a rhythm sounds good and hope you can Nikki, life with children, husband and a job is chaos personified under the best of conditions.. Add in the holiday stress and colder weather and all bets are off…
    You and I and lots of others suffer from depression during the winter months, lack of sunlight amongst other things is my biggest problem but just like always we will make it through and then gripe when summer is too hot! LOL
    Hang in there and again best of luck on getting the office manager job, the company you work for should consider you a shoe-in since you already handle the job now!

    jackie >_<

  2. I don’t think I’ve said this before but I am SO happy you started blogging Because of your blog I have a running list of books I want to get after I buy my Kindle lol, and I do enjoy the hump day hottie 😀 You’re just an awesome person and I’m very fortunate to have found you on FB.
    As for the extra stress and the winter depression, you know what I’ll recommend for that but I’m gonna say it anyway… WORKOUTS 🙂 Sometimes it may seem like just another stress, trying to find time to exercise, but it will help you deal with stress and depression very well. If you don’t have time for a full workout, just do part of one. No one says you have to do an hour long dvd. Even 10 minutes would help you.
    I’m just going to keep reading your blogs, adding to my book list and drooling over the yummy guys you put up every week 🙂 For me, that’s a form of stress relief lol.

  3. Jackie- My life is definitely chaos…you hit it on the head LOL. I never know if I’m coming or going these days! I have found that once I get into a routine I tend to even out. But when sudden changes take place I have a hard time acclimating myself to them. It will even out and I will be good to go. Its just getting there that poses a challenge 🙂

    Jamie- Aww thanks! And I know I know, I need to get back to working out. It really is extremely hard to fit it in right now. Ppl say get up earlier LOL but seriously, aint no way Im getting up at 6am to workout. Just aint happening. I think I will try and fit it in, in the evenings right before dinner. Im so out of shape now though, its majorly depressing to have to start all over.

    1. Yeah I have been struggling with it as well unfortunately, and it’s really hard when you see the progress you made before slipping away. Right now though, with the way life here has been so funky and crazy, I workout when I can. I’m not doing great with it, but if I can get it done like 3 days a week, I’m happy lol.
      I know that you can do this though 😀 Maybe after the holidays we can get together for an online challenge of some kind to get back in the game.

    1. Not a silly question! I didn’t know so long ago. A ARC is a Advanced Readers Copy. So basically it is a book that hasn’t come out yet. The one I will have on Monday won’t be out till February or March. They are generally not polished so there may be a mistake here and there and some have plain covers. Its what publishers and authors send out to reviewers to generate buzz about a book 🙂

  4. Hope you get the office job!
    Could you have seasonal affective disorder?
    The thing that gets me down is other people. lol. Sounds odd, but if people are rude to me or judgemental, I let it get to me and think the world is just horrible. I’ve been dealing with that lately.

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