The Scandalous Secret of Abigail MacGregor by Paula Quinn (The MacGregors: Highland Heirs #3)


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Type: Historical Romance

Publisher: Forever

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Reviewer: Pam

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Known for her beauty and boldness, Abigail MacGregor must preserve her clan’s dangerous secret: that her mother is the true heir to the English Crown. If the wrong people find out, it will mean war for her beloved Scotland. To keep peace, she embarks for London, unprepared for the treachery that awaits—especially from her wickedly handsome escort. He is the enemy, but his slow, sensuous kisses entice her beyond reason…


General Daniel Marlow, loyal knight and the kingdom’s most desirable hero, would rather be on the battlefield than transporting a spoiled Highland lass. But Abby MacGregor is unlike any woman he’s ever met, in a ballroom or in his bedroom. Captivated by her daring spirit and seduced by her lovely innocence, Daniel must choose between betraying his queen or giving up the woman who would steal his country—and his traitorous heart.

I have enjoyed Ms. Quinn’s Highland romances before and this book is another great addition to the MacGregor saga. There is enough intrigue, secrets and romance to satisfy all.

Abigail MacGregor is the daughter of the clan chief, a strong woman who will be chief herself one day. Her father Robert MacGregor, is married to Davina, a woman who has a secret that many would kill for, she is the first born daughter of a King. She never wanted to rule, so kept hidden away in the Highlands, but now her sister, Queen Anne has found her and requests her attendance. Davina is recovering from an illness, not to mention that Robert is worried about her safety, so Abigail insists she goes instead.

Daniel Marlow is a captain in the Queen’s guard, a man with a reputation that precedes him as a great warrior. He is a favorite of the Queen and when she needs someone she trusts to bring Abigail from her home, she asks Daniel to go. He is reluctant to protect a Highlander, someone he believes he can’t trust but goes because the Queen has asked him. As Abigail and Daniel travel they encounter several dangerous situations that bring them closer together but they come from different backgrounds and are considered enemies, so they know nothing could ever come of their relationship.

This is another delightful historical romance that blend historic fact and fiction into a sweeping saga that takes the reader on a trip to another time and place.

Abigail is very likeable, she is a strong independent woman with plans to lead her clan one day. Her family means everything to her and she steps in when she feels they are threatened. Although she has spent her life in the Highlands, she is willing to take her mother’s place to visit the Queen in a possible hostile environment.

Daniel is equally devoted to the Queen, he will do anything to protect her and does her bidding whether it be in war or to bring a young woman to England. When he meets Abigail, he reminds himself frequently that that she is the enemy, yet she captivates him from the beginning. However, the closer they become the more he realizes they could never be together as their worlds are so different. When lies and secrets come out and danger threatens not only Abigail but also the Queen, Daniel is torn and is angry and hurt by what he finds out and feels betrayed. I really felt for him, the two women who he feels the closest to each held on to secrets that affected him.

The pace of the story is fast, it grabs you from the beginning and does not let you go. Secondary characters are important to the story, I enjoyed how the MacGregor family is prevalent throughout the book, Abigail’s father helps save the day several times as he protect his daughter. I also like the Queen, she is a leader of England, yet a lonely woman that truly loves Daniel like a son. There were several other clans in the picture and I was a bit confused on whose side everyone’s loyalties lied but eventually the truth came out. This is the second book in this series, but the author keeps the reader informed so it can easily be read as a standalone. All in all a wonderful story filled with intrigued, spying and danger along with a romance that is very satisfying.

I give The Scandalous Secrets of Abigail MacGregor by Paula Quinn 4 stars!




“Aye, ye did say that,” she murmured. “Well, since we’re both awake, we might as well spend the night together again.”

The innocence in her voice struck him in the guts. She wanted nothing more from him than someone to be with outside in the night.

He, on the other hand, was not innocent at all. Her choice of words sent a little spark of heat to his groin. The way she turned on the pads of her feet and ended up pressed against his side and tucked neatly under his shoulder tilted him on his axis a little.

“I’m cold,” she whispered, her teeth chattering.

He put up no fight when she lifted his arm around her shoulder, then covered them both with her plaid. The desire to protect her overwhelmed him and sent tremors through his muscles. He knew little of her. Was she an innocent daughter of a Jacobite chief, or part of some secret scheme Anne was devising.

Hell. Anne didn’t devise schemes.

“I wasn’t certain if you were ever going to speak to me again,” he said, when what he should have said was, You should go sleep somewhere, lady, and not on me.

“I was verra’ angry with ye. But I’ve forgiven ye.” He heard the smile in her voice and made a mental note of how well it pleased him that she was no longer angry. He would decide what to do about his unwanted concerns for her tomorrow. Right now, he only wanted to sit with her just like this, with her beneath his arm and pressed snuggly into his side. Warmth swept over him like fine wine until he felt drunk on it.

How was it that she fit so neatly into him, now and earlier when she slept in his lap, like she belonged there, close to him?

Close to his heart.

Hell, it scared him, and after fighting for over a decade, not much scared him anymore.

“D’ye have a wife, General Marlow?” Came her sweet voice against his chest.

“No, lady.”

“Are ye betrothed?”

“I am not.”

“Is there a lass somewhere who has yer heart?”


“Well,” she laughed softly, “are all the ladies in England fools?”

“They’re the opposite,” he told her. “They’re wise to set their interests in another direction.”

She shook her head then tilted her face up to his. In the filtered light of the moon, he could make her out enough to fall victim to the alluring curves of her mouth, her soft, sweet breath against his chin. “Nae, they are fools not to try to win yer affections.”

He knew every reason there was to stop what he was thinking, what he was feeling, and what he was about to do. But reason was a puny opponent compared to desire.

Slipping one hand behind her nape and the other to her throat, he tilted her chin another half-inch then covered her mouth with his. The instant after he did it, he regretted it, but then she coiled her arms around his neck and drew him closer, and he couldn’t stop. He never wanted to. She didn’t resist him, in fact, she melted in his arms. She groaned softly when he drew his tongue across the seam of her mouth. She bit his lip and ignited his blood to liquid fire. He swept his tongue in and out of her, holding her close to him while they kissed, wanting nothing more from her than what she gave him now. Making love to her could be dangerous if Charlotte found out. He’d have to make sure she didn’t find out, at least until he had proof of other crimes and could arrest her. If she hurt Abigail before that he’d hang her himself.

He wondered, as he held her in his arms and kissed her long into the night, how he could be so content with one he was supposed to hate.


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