The Salvation of Vengeance by Nancy Haviland (Wanted Men #2)

The Salvation of Vengeance by Nancy HavilandAvailable: Now Amazon/B&N

Type: Romantic Suspense

Publisher: Montlake

My Copy: NetGalley

Reviewer: Nikki

Only something as important as her best friend’s wedding to mob boss Gabriel Moretti could allow Nika Paynne a reprieve from captivity. Her abusive husband has kept her under his thumb with footage of her beloved brother, Caleb, killing another man. But the respite from her violent life isn’t the only draw. Vincente Romani—Gabriel’s deadliest guardian—will be one of the best men at the wedding, and Nika has lingering thoughts about the fascinating mobster…covetous thoughts that may put her life in danger.

With the heartbreak he’s suffered and the brutality he effortlessly delivers, Vincente knows he’s the last person who can offer Nika a happily-ever-after. But his vow remains. He will do everything in his power to free his redhead from her violent prison—even if that means losing her forever.

No sophomore slump for Nancy Haviland! The Salvation of Vengeance is a well written romantic suspense heavy on the accent-laden hero and strong willed heroine. After meeting Nika in book one, I knew she’d make the perfect heroine. Stuck in a loveless, abusive marriage due to blackmail, Nika is desperately seeking a way to help herself AND save her brother from a murder charge she’s sure he had a reason for. She’s been cut off from everyone and everything she enjoys while being verbally and physically slapped around daily. The only thing that gets her through is her strong will and ability to shut off everything.

Vincente can’t forget the stolen looks from the haunted Nika. When he sees her again at his friends wedding he can tell something is off with her. Walking the line between protector and predator he manages to get her away before real harm can come to her AND just when she’s managed to secure the evidence her husband was holding over her head. Vincente knows he should leave her alone, let her heal, but the draw to her is just to powerful.

I was so impressed with The Salvation of Vengeance and Haviland’s ability to weave a tale with emotion and chemistry without all the blatant sex. Before I realized it I was 75% in and hadn’t missed a damn thing because the story line was so enthralling. Vincente’s moral compass might be a little jacked because of his strong criminal ties but his heart was always in the right place. He may have been big and bad but the gentleness and compassion he showed Nika was amazing. The heartache at the similarity he saw between Nika and his sister who he had not been able to save made him seem more human.

I think Nika is one of the strongest heroines I’ve ever read. The fact that she withstood such abusive for so long, just to make sure her brother was safe from her husbands blackmail, was nothing short of miraculous. Then after getting away from him, her instant need to stand on her own two feet was awesome.

There is a lengthy list of secondary characters who are simply screaming for their stories to be told. I love the dynamic of these men and the gray areas in which they live. Addictive and engrossing, these Russian men will definitely leave you begging for more!

I give The Salvation of Vengeance by Nancy Haviland 4 stars!

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