The Lady Meets Her Match by Gina Conkle (Midnight Meetings #2)

The Lady Meets Her Match by Gina ConkleAvailable: Now Amazon/B&N

Type: Historical Romance

Publisher: Sourcebooks

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Pam

Locating Her Is Only Half The Battle…

Cyrus Ryland didn’t become England’s wealthiest bachelor by being a pushover, but the mysterious beauty he discovers sneaking around at his grand ball enflames his curiosity.

When the clock chimes midnight, and she’s nowhere to be found, Cyrus vows to scour all of London to uncover who she is. Little does he know that not only does Claire Mayhew not want to be found, but she wants nothing to do with him at all…

An engaging historical romance that features a hero and heroine from middle class England. The characters are intriguing as they rise above their past and find happiness.

Claire Mayhew recently had a humiliating experience that she would like to forget. Having recently arrived in London, she only wants to run a coffee shop and be an independent woman that can provide for herself. Unfortunately the shop she wants to rent is off limits to her because she is a woman. So she takes matters into her own hands and attends a ball in order to steal the signature of Mr. Ryland, the landlord.

Mr. Cyrus Ryland is a very wealthy man who owns several buildings around London and his nickname is the King of Commerce. When he spies a beautiful woman at his ball he is intrigued and wants to get to know her, but she runs leaving only her shoe. He immediately goes in search of her, and is surprised to find her in one of his own buildings selling coffee and pastries. When he realizes how she was able to open her shop, he wants to get to know her even more.

I liked this story, as it shows a different side of England, the hero and heroine are not royalty but they are determined to make their way in life. The romance is fun and entertaining as we get to know these engaging people.

Claire is delightful; I enjoyed her independence and determination. She wants to do things for herself and often does not want help. She is trusting to a fault, which was her downfall when she fell for a titled man who would never have her. She often finds her independence and stubbornness get her in trouble, but then things just happened to work out for her. However with all her intelligence, I did think it was odd that she was trying to run a business without any type of record keeping, she never knew where her money went and when Cyrus called her on it, I was happy to see that she would take his assistance.

Cyrus is a keeper; I liked him from the beginning. He found Claire fascinating and when he learned of her tricks, he was even more intrigued. He built his empire from the ground up and although at times he believes his only option is to marry socially well in order to take care of his family, he also realized how much he wants Claire. He is upfront about how he feels about Claire but has a hard time justifying his attraction with the social ladder he wants to climb. He struggles with this, but I like how the author throws in several surprises about Cyrus and the story progresses nicely.

The two have great chemistry and I like them together, they are often at odds with each other, but the witty banter makes for great reading. Secondary characters play important parts, both the hero and heroine have family and friends that are close and that they interact with daily. The pace of the story moves quickly and I enjoyed how the author included a bit of the Cinderella aspect into the story. There is some intrigue and drama thrown in that makes the story fun and entertaining throughout. All in all a great historical romance featuring a different side of England.

I give The Lady Meets Her Match by Gina Conkle 4 stars!

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