Bone Deep by Lea Griffith (No Mercy #3)

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Type: Romantic Suspense

Publisher: Hartwood Publishing

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Nikki

Her tears will never reach Heaven.

She was formed of the earth and time has hardened her into stone. To her marrow Bone is the coldest of killers. She is the only one of First Team who lusts for death. Yet even a killer’s heart can bleed.

He has never wept for his greatest loss.

Dmitry Asinimov knows well what it is to lose the ones you love. Nothing is thicker than blood, nothing. He has hidden his pain but never has he stopped searching for vengeance. Now he’s close to answers but first he must break the woman whose eyes whisper of pain and whose strength is unlike anything he’s ever known.

Bone and blood. Two sides of one coin. Retribution draws them together but before all is said and done they will learn love can either break you or make you stronger.

Self portrait after finishing Bone Deep


You guys….hey you guys…I’m going to gush this entire review. I’m sorry in advance but there is not one single bad thing I can say about Bone Deep. Lea Griffith is a freaking master! A year and a half ago, this series burst onto my radar with a vicious bang. Bullet to the Heart was my favorite book of 2013. It was gritty, it was raw, it was heart-breakingly beautiful. Then last year Griffith followed it up with Arrow to the Soul and I may have cried just a little at the injustice these women had faced as children and what had molded them into the weapons they were now. Then I settled in for the wait for book three. It was a hard wait ya’ll. The struggle was real.

Bone Deep features Bone, who may be the deadliest assassin of the foursome of ladies intent on righting all the wrongs bestowed upon them by a vile, evil man and his secret organization, The Collective. While each woman has a specialty, Bone seems to excel at all manners of killing but she prefers hand to hand combat. Her childhood was filled with blood but tears was something she very rarely indulged in. The bond with her sisters has been all that ever mattered. With them by her side, Joseph’s days are numbered. They have steadily been taking out key people in the organization but while they are working so has Joseph and he always seems a step ahead.

Dmitry may be working with Trident to take down The Collective but he’s always had his own agenda. Find out what really happened to his sisters and mother and who had his father and brother murdered. The elusive Bone calls to him on a level he hates to acknowledge and yet where she is, he’s never far behind. When he catches her in the middle of the job he does nothing to stop it because their motives align but getting her back to the home base in Virginia won’t be easy.

O.M.G…for real…this book was so so good! Bone and Dmitry are sheer perfection together. He seems to understand what Bone needs to quiet the rage she harbors with ease. Just his presence calms her frayed edges and she quickly learns that she may not understand the emotion in her mind but her heart clearly wants him. Their story isn’t pretty. It’s raw, bloody and intense. Bone is a ruthless killer. It’s all she’s ever known, change isn’t possible but maybe, just maybe, she can adapt. As long as Dmitry doesn’t try to stop her or her sisters plans. Their interactions are rough, borderline scary at times but the heat that flares between them cannot be ignored. Griffith can write a sex scene that will singe your lady garden. Dmitry is so damn sexy. Even when he’s being a complete ass to Bone and purposely goading her on. His slips back into his native Russian got me every time.

There are a million and one things that happen within these pages and every single one of them plays a part in the overall story arc. Some questions are answered, some others are raised and there is so much action that I’m pretty sure my blood pressure went through the roof and my heartbeat never got a chance to slow down. The revelations and the flashbacks of Bone’s past almost broke me. But Bone, she never broke.

Bone Deep is a dark, enthralling tale of retribution and revenge. It’s an amazing piece of literature that will stay with you for days after you finish.

I give Bone Deep by Lea Griffith 5 stars!


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