Hush by Karen Robards

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Type: Romantic Suspense

Publisher: Gallery

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Michelle

When Riley Cowan finds her estranged husband Jeff dead in his palatial home, she’s sure it’s no coincidence. The police rule it a suicide, but Riley thinks someone’s out for blood—specifically someone Jeff’s father ripped off in one of the biggest financial fraud cases of all time. She suspects that someone is trying to send a message to Jeff’s father: Tell me where the money is, or everyone you care about will die.

Riley’s in-laws might be billionaires, but she’s afraid that not even their dirty money can protect her from an irate investor who will stop at nothing to get his hands on his misappropriated cash. Enter Finn Bradley, Philly-based FBI agent and Riley’s love interest from way back when. Finn agrees to help Riley, and the two reignite sparks they both thought were extinguished long ago. But can they discover the killer’s identity in time, before he resurfaces—and strikes again?

Dubbed an “exceptional storyteller” by the Chicago Tribune and “one of the most popular voices in women’s fiction” by Newsweek, Karen Robards’s latest action-packed novel will keep you glued to the pages until the final, shocking conclusion.

Hush is the kind of book that ropes you in right from the beginning. You know it’s going to be an edgy, exciting book when the hero finds a dead body hanging in an empty house on the first page! It’s been years since I’ve read anything by Karen Robards, but this book reminded me what I’ve been missing.

Finn Bradley is a federal agent assigned to the case revolving around the Cowan family. Patriarch George Cowan is in prison after stealing billions of dollars, and his son Jeff is the dead body Finn discovered. There are multiple government agencies searching for the stolen money, not to mention the numerous bad guys George Cowan screwed over. It’s Finn’s job to find out what happened to it before anyone else gets their hands on it. What he encounters, and doesn’t count on, is Riley Cowan, Jeff’s ex-wife.

Riley Cowan’s marriage to Jeff may have been over, but his family had become her family. Even though billionaire George Cowan never thought Riley was good enough for his only son, that didn’t stop his wife and daughter from accepting Riley into the family. After their entire lives collapse in the wake of George’s scandal, Riley becomes the support system Jeff and his family needs. While Jeff’s death appears to be a suicide, Riley is convinced he was murdered and that his murder has something to do with his father’s crimes. Her connection to his family and what she may or may not know puts her, as well as her mother- and sister-in-law in danger. It’s not long before the violence that ended Jeff’s life lands at her front door.

Riley was a tough, gritty, yet vulnerable heroine. She was smart and strong and yet so in need of having someone like Finn in her life. For years she has been the one people rely on. What I loved the most about her was how she instinctively knew she could rely on Finn Bradley. She was afraid of him, afraid of him discovering her secrets, afraid to trust him, and yet when she needed someone to lean on, he was there.

Finn Bradley can’t afford a distraction like Riley. He is determined to get to the bottom of the Cowan case, and his entire focus needs to be on finding the money. He doesn’t trust anybody, especially the gorgeous redhead he’s convinced is hiding something from him. When George’s enemies turn their focus on her, he is forced to put aside his suspicions in order to keep her safe. He knows she is lying to him about something, but he’s not being entirely honest with her either.

While there were so many secrets and a ton of miscommunication between these two, the chemistry Riley and Finn had was scorching. Finn was a man of mystery to Riley, but he was a big, tough, protective federal agent who was determined to keep her safe. That made him irresistible to her. Finn had a hard time ignoring his attraction to Riley. Getting involved with someone he’s suspicious of, someone he’s investigating, is not in his plan. Riley needs Finn, though, and he finds himself powerless to resist the beautiful, classy lady he’s growing to admire.

There were parts of this book that dragged a bit, and even though the attraction sizzled between Finn and Riley from their first meeting, nothing really physical happened between them until two-thirds of the way through the book. That doesn’t mean their story wasn’t steamy. The desire between them was so tangible, I could almost feel how much they wanted each other.

Sometimes a romantic suspense story is wrapped up almost too neatly, but that wasn’t the case with this one. Hush ends rather predictably but it was believable, and I liked the way the author gave Finn and Riley their happy ever after. The book kept me on the edge of my seat with the excitement of sizzling sexual attraction surrounded by danger and intrigue.

I give Hush by Karen Robards 4 stars!

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