I’ll Be Slaying You by Cynthia Eden

Dee Daniels is a woman on a mission. That mission is to destroy those beings that slaughtered her family when she was a mere teenager….vampires. Since she was 15 she has been stalking the night, looking for those undead and unfeeling killers. Slaying without remorse, every one a substitute for the monsters she sees in her nightmares. Dee’s dark, little world is turned on its axis when her butt repeatedly gets saved by Simon Chase. She knows she shouldn’t trust him. Knows he is more than he seems. That doesn’t stop her from starting to feel things she doesn’t understand for him.

Simon knows a lot more about Dee then he is letting on. He is on his own mission. A mission that he himself, hangs in the balance of. Without Dee’s help, he fears he will finally lose what control he has manged to hold onto since becoming a vampire.

Together they are going to take down a Born Master. An extremely old and powerful vampire that has enough minions to build an army. The secret Simon holds will become the single most important part in the coming war against hell itself. Dee has to not only overcome a ageless monster but her own convictions.

I’ll Be Slaying You is the second book in the NightWatch series. This book kept me entertained for hours with no dull spots. This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that has read Cynthia’s work in the past. Dee and Simon’s chemistry literally jumps off the page at you. The sex is delicious and leaves you wanting more. The fight scenes are explosive and direct. No sugar-coating here. The element of the Born Master gave the story another layer, think Buffy The Vampire Slayer, first season. She manages to also include an array of secondary characters that are full of color and life. Also within this book we again meet Zane, who we met briefly in the first book, Eternal Hunter. Zane will be getting his very own story in the next installment due out this fall. I can’t say enough praise for Cynthia’s work with not only this series but everything I have read of hers. If you like paranormal romance, you’re going to love this series. If I had a star rating system I would give it 5 stars…hmmm maybe I should look into getting a rating system….


  1. Yeah, Cynthia understands chemistry! 🙂 I really liked the book too…despite Dee being prickly and all.

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