The Three Fates of Ryan Love by Erin Quinn (Beyond #2)

The Three Fates of Ryan Love by Erin QuinnAvailable: Now Amazon/B&N

Type: Paranormal Romance

Publisher: Pocket

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Nikki

Step into a world of angels and demons, where there are fates worse than death and love larger than life.

Ryan Love’s life is about to go up in flames—literally—when a mystical being named Sabelle appears, claiming to be from the Beyond, the realm of heaven, hell, and mysteries both awesome and terrifying. As Ryan’s family business and home are destroyed in a freak explosion, Sabelle saves him just in time. So why does Ryan feel like she’s the one who needs saving?

Sabelle is a Spinner, or agent of fate, whose sole purpose is to guide Ryan through his life choices. But the time is coming when she must part with him forever and entrust her job to someone else—someone who cares much less about him. And she can’t bear the thought, because each time Ryan touches her she falls more in love with him…

But maybe there is a way to stop the ticking time bomb. She’s heard rumors, and no one knows for certain if it works. It’s forbidden, of course, and dangerous—undoubtedly. Sabelle must leave the Beyond and bind herself to Ryan forever. But how will Ryan react when he learns what she’s done? And are their destinies forever connected, or can Ryan still pave the path of his future?

Uggggggg I’m so disappointed with this book that I don’t even want to write this review. But I read it, in its entirety, so I feel I should at least give it a go. Though this will be short and sweet.

Book one, The Five Deaths of Roxanne Love, was one of my favorite books of 2013. I gave it 5 stars, it was that good. I praised it everywhere I went. Fast forward nearly a year and a half later to when book two finally released (January 2015) and I was eager to get to it. Perhaps because it was such a long time between books I ended up not being as invested as I wanted to be…but this bored me to tears. I had to force myself to finish it on the hope that at some point I would end up liking it. Alas….nope. The relationship between Ryan and his seer, Sabelle felt forced and one dimensional. I never felt the heat that I wanted to and because of that never believed them to be a couple. The two males in the book towards the second half of the book (secondary characters) had a better relationship than these two.

As with book one, there is a bunch of action as the story line behind Sabelle’s appearance and her reasoning are fleshed out. Ryan turns against her time and again in the face of all her secrets and it got old quickly. The crescendo of the book was predictable and then it just…ended. Not a cliffhanger or anything like that since the books all focus on a different family member but there’s some action, there’s some declarations and then BOOM, over. I guess it fit the rest of the book with feeling forced but I must admit I was pretty mad that I made it through the entire book just to have it end suddenly. Ugh.

I give The Three Fates of Ryan Love by Erin Quinn 2.50 stars 

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