Summer on Lovers’ Island by Donna Alward (Jewell Cove #3)

SUmmer on Lovers' Island by Donna AlwardAvailable: Now Amazon/B&N

Type: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: St. Martin’s

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Pam

Lizzie Howard’s life is close to perfect, until her father’s death brings her world crashing down around her. With her reputation and heart in tatters, she reluctantly agrees to temporarily take over her best friend’s practice in scenic Jewell Cove, Maine—a position that’s a world away from the high pressure career she once loved.

Josh Collins is no stranger to pain. After losing his wife, he moved home looking to start over. One of two doctors at the town clinic, his sleepy coastal practice is just what he needed. Until Lizzie Howard arrives. Lizzie is everything Josh wanted to get away from: brash, ambitious and not interested in a quiet life in a quiet town. But as the sparks fly between these two doctors, they realize that sometimes opposites really do attract.

This is a sweet small town romance that will delight readers. I have read one other in this series and believe the author does a great job of capturing the engaging characters that find romance in this seaside community.

Lizzie Howard is a big city doctor on leave from her high stress emergency room physician’s job. She left under troubling circumstances, not only did she experience a breakup with her boyfriend/boss, she also feels she did not do all she could to save a life. So she jumps at the chance for a change when her best friend asks her to help during her maternity leave.

The clinic is owned by Josh Collins who likes the small town doctor life. His wife died two years ago and he hated the fact he felt his marriage was a failure, there was some scandal about the truth of their relationship but as years go by, he and his cousin Tom have made peace. His family has been trying to set him up lately, but he is taking his time, at least he was until he meets the new doctor. He likes what he sees and wants to help her adjust to a quieter lifestyle.

Another heartfelt romance by Ms. Alward that features two very different people who are basically looking for the same thing but don’t realize it.

Lizzie worked in a large city as an emergency physician, she liked the fast pace and was happy fulfilling her father’s dream. Yet when she agrees to help her best friend Charlie during her maternity leave I get the feeling she is really a small town girl at heart. It did not take her long to fit in and I liked that about the story, no drama about missing so many big city qualities.

Josh is charming, a man who enjoys his life but does not want many changes. His wife died a couple of years ago and although he does miss her, he feels more guilt than anything as he knew the marriage was a failure long before she died. He is a little worried when he meets Lizzie, not only is she very attractive but she is all wrong for him yet he can’t stop thinking about her and wondering if she could ever fit in.

The relationship between Josh and Lizzie begins as a friendship, with some attraction, that slowly builds into affection and love and I like the two together as they seem perfect for each other. The pace of the story is slow, there is very little drama and it is truly centered on the hero and heroine. Lizzie discovers she is not too different from the residents of Jewell Cove so when she makes the decision to stay it is not too difficult.

This is the third in the series but can easily be read as a standalone, characters come and go throughout the story but the author keeps the reader informed of the relationships. This is a sweet easy romance full of heart and small town feels.

I give Summer on Lovers’ Island by Donna Alward 4 stars!

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