Crazy for the Cowboy by Vicki Lewis Thompson (Sexy Texans #1)

Crazy for the Cowboy by Vicki Lewis ThompsonAvailable: Now Amazon/B&N

Type: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Signet

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Pam

When Vince Durant left Bickford, Texas, he was a rowdy cowboy just looking for a good time. He also left unfinished business. He hadn’t captured the Ghost, a wild stallion that roams the hills, and he never convinced Georgina Bickford to go out with him. Georgie might be a lost cause, but the Ghost has been calling his name ever since….

When Vince returns to Bickford, he finds his old stomping ground a shell of what it used to be, and Georgie still wants nothing to do with him. To her, he’ll always be the womanizing cowboy she knew seven years ago. And when Vince comes up with a plan that might restore Bickford to its former glory, Georgie wonders if the rough-and-tough cowboy has truly changed. As they get closer, Georgie will have to decide whether to resist Vince’s charm or to attempt to tame the wild stallion who’s stolen her heart.

Crazy for the Cowboy is the first book in a series that centers on a dying town, but with the help of current and former residents they make plans to turn things around.

Georgie has lived in Bickford all her life but since the main employer left the area she has struggled to keep the family’s general store open. The town is slowly dying and with only a handful of people left and she is worried.

Vince use to work at the guest ranch but since it closed he has moved on to work at other ranches in the area, yet a certain mysterious horse has been on his mind and he wants to see if the Ghost is still around. When he arrives with his two friends, Mac and Travis, they are all saddened by the town’s downfall however he is surprisingly happy that Georgie still lives here. They start talking about an idea that might just bring in the tourist and Wildhorse Canyon Adventures starts to materialize, but Vince believes he will be long gone by the time it gets off the ground.

This had a different feel than many books I have read lately. It was a bit depressing in the beginning as the story centers around a dying town and the residents that are at a loss of how to help resurrect things but the story picks up when ideas come together.

Georgie is just trying to keep the general store afloat, she has lived in Bickford Texas since she was born and has been through some good times and bad. When Vince and his buddies come to town she is worried they want to pick up where they left off, crazy cowboys stirring up trouble. For several reasons in the past Georgie and Vince never hooked up, not for Vince’s lack of trying but she was never interested in the wild cowboys that worked on the ranch.

Vince is not your typical hero and would not even be in town except he was feeling nostalgic about the Ghost, the elusive wild horse. When he arrives he remembers a woman who also caught his fancy and was happy to see her still in town and still single. Vince is different, he has no desire to stay in one place and when he suggests the adventure idea he has no plans to be here when they launch. I guess I wanted more from him, I enjoy reading about reluctant heroes but he was almost too reluctant. However between Georgie and the horses, he is pulled in, fighting with every breath.

The two are looking at different futures and have no plans for their tentative friendship to grow into anything more and the romance is slow to build. She knows he will not stay and he knows she will not leave. It is only after he realizes that he is getting personally invested and wants not only to see how things progress with the adventure business but also with Georgie.

The pace of the story is relaxed and there is not much drama as we watch their relationship slowly turn into much more. Secondary characters play huge roles as Mac and Travis help with the new ideas and will be coming back to work, and of course Georgie’s two sisters are in the picture and as a matter of fact, the next book will feature her sister Anastasia and Mac. I thought it was a cute romance with a reluctant hero and heroine who rally to help a town they both love.

I give Crazy for the Cowboy by Vicki Lewis Thompson 3.75 stars!

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