Shattered Duty by Katie Reus ( Deadly Ops #3)

Shattered Duty by Katie ReusAvailable: Now Amazon/B&N

Type: Romantic Suspense

Publisher: Signet

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Pam

When his wife was murdered two years ago, Special Agent Levi Lazaro turned his back on everything he cared about. Ever since, he has thought of nothing but vengeance. Now he’s finally uncovered the identities of those who killed his wife—and he’s ready to destroy them at any cost. He won’t let anything stand in his way—not even a beautiful NSA agent on a mission of her own.

Special Agent Selene Wolfe prides herself on being the best. Her fearlessness and quick-thinking make her the perfect person to take down a deadly terrorist cell. But she needs Levi’s help, and the moment he shows up, Selene knows her objectivity—and her heart—are in trouble. As the two strike an uneasy alliance, Levi finds himself tormented by his desire for Selene—a feeling he thought long dead. But when their mission takes an unexpected turn, he finds himself faced with an impossible choice: either put aside his need for revenge, or save the woman who’s reawakened his soul…

This is another great romantic suspense; Ms. Reus certainly knows how to keep the reader captivated by the drama, danger and of course the romance. Levi and Selene’s story heat up the pages as they try to deny their attraction amidst the chaos around them.

Selene Wolfe works for the NSA; her boss Wesley Burkhart found her when she was a teenage computer hacker and trained her. She works undercover to thwart terrorist activities and currently she has her sights set on one of the most evil men alive.

Levi also use to work for Wesley as a NSA Special Agent until his wife was tortured and killed, he then went rogue, looking for vengeance. He is now closing in on the man responsible and does not want anything or anyone getting in his way. When he notices a woman hunting the same man, he is surprised at his feelings; there is anger, distress and something he has not felt in years, desire. Can they trust each other to work together?

This story is non- stop action from beginning to end and I wish I could have stayed home and read it in one setting. There is intrigue and action that keeps the complex story interesting until we reach the conclusion.

Selene is a kickass heroine; she was discovered as a teen and brought into the NSA fold by Wesley. It was here that she was trained to hone her computer skills and more, as she became a skilled assassin at a very young age. She is ready to take down a dangerous terrorist when Levi intercedes; she has known about Levi for a while, knew his wife and the history of the reason he is rogue today and feels horrible about what he has gone through but not enough to derail her mission. They reluctantly agree to work together, however what she does not expect is the attraction that they feel for each other, and you can see the uncertainty in everything she does.

Levi has been consumed with revenge since his wife was killed and he is so close now. When he realizes someone else is also out to get Tasev he is torn, he has waited for this day and is not sure he can trust Selene. He also is very aware of how he feels when he is around her, something he has not felt since Meghan died. Yet the attraction can’t be denied and the chemistry is off the charts as the two work cautiously together to stop a madman.

Levi and Selene are good for each other, whether they realize it at first or not, they are both intelligent and know how to handle themselves in a fight, and it is interesting to watch them go through an array of feelings before the end. I love the twists and turns throughout the story, just when you think you know what is going to happen or who the bad guys are, things change and it keeps you turning the pages in this fast paced story. Secondary characters play huge roles, these teams work together and I like the camaraderie between them all, and there are some surprises, now I can’t wait for the next book. This is the third book in the series but it can easily be read as a standalone, each story has its own storyline that is complete and although we see characters from before, the author keeps the reader up to date. A very enjoyable read if you like romantic suspense with heart stopping action and a steamy romance.

I give Shattered Duty by Katie Reus 4.25 stars!

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