Something About A Cowboy by Sarah M Anderson ( #1)

Something About A Cowboy by Sarah M AndersonAvailable: Now Amazon/B&N

Type: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Samhaim

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Pam

He’s a man of his word…and she’s gonna take him up on it. A Story After six years working his ranch and raising his boys, widower Mack Tucker is staring down the barrel of another long, lonely winter. Until his grown-up sons decide it’s time for him to move on. They not only sign him up for an online dating site, but also screen the first batch of interested parties.

Mack is furious—until he spots one of the profiles. He’s intrigued. Intrigued enough to drive three hours to Billings to meet Karen Thompson. Burned by her ex, Karen isn’t interested in diving into another marriage, but she wouldn’t mind dipping her toes back in the dating waters. But this time, things will be different. What could be more trustworthy and honest than a strong, silent cowboy? Their first date gets steamier than either of them intended, and Mack fears it may be too much, too soon for him. Torn between the past and the present, Mack has to cowboy up or lose the possibility of a future with the woman who makes his broken heart beat again.

I always jump at the chance to read one of Ms. Anderson’s stories; they are usually full of cowboy goodness that gets the heart racing. The men and women are smart, sexy and their romances are emotional and genuine, and Something About a Cowboy is no exception.

Mack Tucker has been a widower for a long time and he has been stuck in the same frame of mine for years as he raised his three boys and worked the ranch. His sons feel he needs a change and they sign him up on an online dating site, where Tommy the youngest, has been fielding the emails to find the perfect date.

Karen Thompson is a divorced woman who has had her share of loser dates since her marriage ended three years ago, so she signs up on the dating site, to see if she can find an honest, trustworthy man. When she meets Mack he seems to be everything she wants and they spend an incredible night together. However, in the morning he can’t run away fast enough.

I thoroughly enjoyed this short story; it is part of an anthology featuring an online dating service and cowboys! I liked both the hero and heroine and thought the story was emotional and very sexy.

Karen enjoys her life as the owner of a flower shop in Billings, she wants to date but is not looking to get married again, she just wants to have fun, and wow Mack and her definitely fill that criteria. Mack is not sure what to think, he married his school sweetheart and has not dated since she died, he is not even sure he remembers what to do with a woman, but when he meets Karen he definitely wants to find out. The night they spend together is amazing and he realizes she totally occupied his mind, never thinking about anything else but her, and that is what scares him, running back to his ranch where he succumbs to the guilt. The sadness he feels is crushing him and it is not until his son comes home to chastise him about not answering his phone that he realizes what he has done and how he is acting.

Whew what a sexy read and the night Mack and Karen spend together sizzles, it is no wonder Mack can think only of Karen and their amazing chemistry. However it is heartbreaking to see how he feels in the morning, he still considers himself married and it takes several weeks of soul searching and a son that gets angry for him to realize what he has done to Karen, I wanted to kick him myself. However I like how things turn out, a promise of things to come. I enjoyed this fast read, and will definitely read the other two stories that are featured in this anthology.

I give Something About a Cowboy by Sarah M Anderson 4 stars!

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