A Pound of Flesh by Sophie Jackson (A Pound of Flesh #1)

A Pound of Flesh by Sophie JacksonAvailable: Now Amazon/B&N

Type: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Gallery

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Nikki

Their love is forbidden. But won’t be denied… Can true love heal the deepest scars?

For Kat Lane, teaching inmates at a New York prison is her way of upholding the legacy of her beloved father, murdered fifteen years ago. But when new student Wes Carter walks into her classroom, she’s shaken by the strength of her attraction to him. Carter is as handsome as he is dangerous, as mysterious as he is quick-witted – and he ensures people keep their distance. Yet vibrant Kat bypasses his defences and challenges him to reveal the real man behind the intimidating reputation. As their emotional barriers crumble, their inescapable but forbidden feelings cannot be ignored. But will Kat’s discovery of Carter’s role on the night her father died force them apart…or bind their hearts for ever?

A Pound of Flesh is a tale of loyalty, redemption and all-consuming love against the odds, introducing an irresistible bad boy hero…

I’ll admit, picking this one up I wasn’t sure it was for me. Reading the first couple chapters I thought, eh I could give or take this one. But about 50 pages in I started falling in love with not only the voice of Sophie Jackson, but the characters she had created.

Prison life is basically all Carter knows. He’s been in trouble in one way or another his entire life. With the possibility of his upcoming parole his release depends on him staying out of trouble and not getting kicked out of yet another educational class. His new teacher is a blast from his past he’s not ready to face but his feelings take him by surprise.

Kat is trying to fulfill a promise she made to her father the night he was murdered. Now a grown woman dealing with her own demons she’s teaching at a prison and facing her fears the only way she knows how. Her newest pupil, Carter, is smarter than he lets on but he refuses to let her in. Agreeing to help him post parole, they embark on a budding friendship that quickly turns into a deep emotional attachment that could shatter both of their lives.

A Pound of Flesh is an intelligent, classic love story about acceptance and the true power of love. The path these two took was filled with obstacles intent on pulling them apart. Not only was Kat’s profession on the line being in a relationship with a student but her family and friends seemed focused on pulling her from Carter at every turn. I understood their reluctance but their unwillingness to hear Kat out angered me constantly.

I really enjoyed Carter’s ability to show his emotions even when he couldn’t give them a voice. His intensity was immense regarding Kat and his need to protect her, to keep her close and to make her understand the depth of his growing attachment. I felt bad for him in many ways but thought his past made him able to be with Kat in the present so I was glad for his mistakes. Even when he snapped at her, his ability to apologize was heartfelt and real.

The heat between the two made me faulter a bit because it wasn’t quite as strong as I’m used to reading, but it had this easy way about it that still managed to keep me reading. Their love was obvious but I just felt it was a bit slower than I would have liked. This is a decently long length and they moved with trepidation in the beginning so it made the plot move along slower than normal as they navigated their new feelings. Once it became apparent how Carter knew Kat from the past, the story line picked up a bit.

Book two will focus on Carter’s best friend Max and his struggle with substance abuse. He was on such a downward spiral that I have to wonder how Jackson will help him overcome such insurmountable struggles.  His pain is deep and it will take much more than the love of one woman to help him find his way back to himself. I hope Jackson gives him intensive therapy and outside help along with the woman who is sure to make him want to be a better man. I eagerly await watching that transformation.

I give A Pound of Flesh by Sophie Jackson 4.5 stars!

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