Bound in Black by Juliette Cross (The Vessel Trilogy #3)

Bound In Black by Juliette CrossAvailable: July 21, 2015 Amazon/B&N

Type: Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance

Publisher: Samhain

My Copy: NetGalley

Reviewer: Nikki

In the belly of the beast, strategy is useless.

Genevieve Drake is on a dangerous mission to find the soul collector, Lethe, and enter the deepest, darkest level of the underworld. No one has ever returned alive from the belly of a soul collector, but she will let nothing stop her from going after the precious treasure Lethe stole from her.

As she is tested against demon spawn and foul creatures of the underworld, each triumph strengthens her Vessel power—and drags her closer to a breaking point that could forever doom her to the abyss.

Meanwhile, with the full prophecy hurtling toward completion, the Dominus Daemonum strategize for the day Gen will battle Prince Bamal’s Vessel to the death, when the Great War between heaven and hell will begin.

But Bamal has a secret weapon. When he reveals it—and Thomas reveals his own hidden agenda—Gen may not have the strength to resist the temptation to fall into darkness, forsaking the fate of the world for her broken heart.

Warning: Contains malicious demons, sinister spawn, and a vengeful heroine with plans to send them all back to burning hell.

Excuse me while I cry all over this review that this trilogy has come to an end and I no longer get to see this world through the eyes of one of the most kick ass heroines I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading. This was such an all consuming, fantastic read that I’m unsure how to go about reviewing it.

At the end of book two I felt the need to throw my kindle across the room and smash it to smithereens, then maybe run it over with my car a few times. Yes, I was that worked up. You see, cliffhangers are the bane of my existence, especially if I don’t have the next book in my hands right that second. Yes, I may have then jumped on twitter demanding Juliette give me a play by play as she was writing Bound in Black. As this trilogy has progressed it has gotten markedly darker in nature and I knew going into this one that Gen was about to face a mirage of trying times.

What gets me is the depth of emotion I felt for these characters. I laughed, I cried and mourned and I felt intensely connected with them. These characters will forever be a part of me now and I don’t think I have ever said that about a book. I loved what Gen brought to the table as a heroine. She was fierce but breakable and flawed. She was wholly human even though she wasn’t human at all. She made mistakes but she grew immensely and matured drastically. Her calling was unavoidable yet she did it with grace and love which is why she never fell to the dark side. Her well of emotion for Jude was as heartbreaking as it was true. Even in the darkest of moments her love for him held her steady and got her through. While she was one of the best heroines I’ve ever read, in return Jude was one of the best heroes. I couldn’t get enough of him. I felt his magnetic pull just as surely as Gen did. He was total alpha at all times, even when he didn’t seem to know himself. Fierce, loyal and amazing. Their connection was just spot on awesomeness.

Bound in Black gives readers a climatic journey, riddled in action as heaven and hell finally collide. No one is safe and as Gen finds herself traveling into hell to find her husband she knows it’s not just her she needs to protect now. Her steadily growing powers have left her with a few tricks up her sleeve but the demons have some surprises of their own. As everything comes full circle Gen has to decide where her loyalty lies and what sacrifices she may be willing to make in order to ensure the safety of not only her friends and allies, but of those in the gray areas in between.

There will be a spinoff series for the beloved characters of Kat and George who both played integral parts during this trilogy. I have all the feels for them and was upset that there wasn’t really closure for them….UNTIL I read about the spinoff. Book one will travel back to their initial meeting so it will be historical, further books will be set where Bound in Black ended. Based on what I know after reading this series, the spin off is destined to be dark, laden with mind fuckery and skittering the lines of consent. Does it make me twisted to say I can’t wait?

Bound in Black is a perfect and fitting ending to an amazing trilogy. I expected nothing less and ended up getting more. Captivating and engrossing writing will surely catapult Juliette Cross straight into author stardom! Readers need to gobble up anything and everything this woman writes as it’s sure to be fantastic!

I give Bound in Black by Juliette Cross 5 stars! 

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