Twice a Texas Bride by Linda Broday (Bachelors of Battle Creek #2)

Twice A Texas Bride by Linda BrodayAvailable: Now Amazon/B&N

Type: Historical Romance

Publisher: Sourcebooks

My Copy: NetGalley

Reviewer: Michelle

Left with emotional scars from his time in an orphanage, Rand Sinclair has vowed never to marry. But when he discovers Callie Quinn and a small orphan boy hiding on his ranch, he can’t help but open his home to the desperate runaways.

Callie has been betrayed by every man she’s ever known. While she’s grateful for Rand’s incredible kindness, she knows it’s only a matter of time before he shows his true colors. But she needs this safe haven-maybe the outlaw on her trail won’t find them here. Yet as Rand slowly uncovers her secret fears, they each come to realize that the only way to keep her safe is for Rand to risk everything to offer her the protection of his name…and his heart.

Twice a Texas Bride reads a lot like a Linda Lael Miller book. It is a historical western romance that is big on sweet and not so big on the sexy. With that being said, I truly enjoyed it. I don’t know if it’s because I hadn’t read a book like this in a long time or if Linda Broday’s writing just drew me in. Whatever the reason, I was pleasantly surprised when I finished this book.

Rand Sinclair, former saloon owner turned rancher, has lived a lonely life full of emotional upheaval. Aside from the “brothers” he formed a bond with during his years in an orphanage and his tumultuous relationship with his mother, Rand is a loner. He longs to put down roots and build a life somewhere, but he swears he’ll do so alone. Having little faith in women thanks to his mother – the woman who left him behind as a boy for her career – and his romantic relationship failures, he has resigned himself to life as a bachelor.

All of that changes when he finds the beautiful Callie Quinn hiding on his ranch. He knows right away that she is scared and alone except for the little boy she has with her. Rand doesn’t know what secrets she is harboring or what danger surrounds her, but he’s determined to help. There’s something about the lovely woman that intrigues him, and when trouble comes calling, he’s more than willing to stand up and protect her.

Callie has a hard time putting any faith in Rand. She’s spent her whole live being ignored, abandoned or betrayed by the men in her life. When her sister dies at the hand of her outlaw husband, Callie has no choice but to take her nephew and run. She has nowhere left to go except to return to the ranch where she grew up, thinking her past would never catch up with her there. She didn’t count on the property’s new owner barging into her safe little world.

Callie was just the right mix of independent and vulnerable. She was prickly and afraid, but smart and strong and honorable. Rand had a few too many issues for my taste, but he was a kind, caring man who slowly realized that he needed a woman in his home, in his life, in his heart, and that woman is Callie.

I’m a sucker for damsel in distress stories. I like when the woman NEEDS the man, and if ever a women needed a man to stand by her and protect her, it is Callie Quinn. Rand is determined to slay her dragons, and once he admits she has worked her way into his heart, he vows to convince her to make her home there with him. Twice a Texas Bride is a romance to warm your heart, one that makes you want to put your faith in a down on her luck lady and the tough westerner who steals her heart.

I give Twice a Texas Bride by Linda Broday 4 stars!

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