Her Hometown Hero by Melody Anne (Unexpected Heroes #2)

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Type: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Pocket Books

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Pam

Dr. Spence is searching for the perfect woman…but how will he know when he’s found her? From New York Times bestselling author Melody Anne, the second steamy romance in a new breakout series based on her beloved and estselling Billionaire novels. In the bestselling books Billionaire Wins the Game, Hidden Treasure, and The Billionaire’s Marriage Proposal, among others, we met the Andersons. Matchmaking patriarchs Joseph and George took matters into their own hands to get their sons to marry and settle down. But now that Dr. Spence Whitman sees how happy his Anderson friends are in married life, he’s itching to get hitched too! But how will he find The One?

After his wealthy dad adopted him and his two brothers at a young age, Spence grew up learning there are more important things in life than money. He wants to find a girl who shares that philosophy, and it wouldn’t hurt to have some similar interests too. Now if he could just stop getting distracted by his gorgeous surgical resident, he could start looking for the perfect wife…

This is a very cute, small town romance with charming characters that love to meddle in their children’s love life. We saw these interfering friends in the first book of the series and they are at it again as they manipulate the situations to help our hero and heroine find their true love.

Sage Banks has finished medical school and is looking for a place to do her residency. She planned to find a prestigious hospital away from her hometown but her grandmother Bethel thought differently, so used a bit of persuasion to influence her choice. Bethel is a very healthy woman, but she might have convinced Sage with some careful wording she needs her close to home.

Spencer Whitman is a surgeon in Seattle who comes home a few times a month to help at the hospital in Sterling, however he was also convinced by his father that he was needed closer to home and moved back to oversee the emergency room and also Sage’s training. This does not sit well with Sage, who remembers an embarrassing incident when she was sixteen, pouring her heart out to an older uninterested Spencer who does not seem to remember it. Spencer on the other hand is delighted and vows to do anything he can to get closer to Sage.

This is the second in the series about a small town in Montana and the engaging characters that live there. I am a sucker for small town romance and when you throw in quirky residents, a fun premise and a second chance at love, I am in.

Sage wanted to spread her wings and leave the sleepy town of Sterling after high school. She got her chance when she went to college and medical school. Now she is looking for a place for her residency and Sterling is not on her list, or at least it wasn’t until her meddling grandmother stepped in. I was actually surprised Sage accepts moving home so easily, but I think she is secretly happy with her choice to be around her grandmother and friend Grace even though she protested. What she does not like, at first, is Spencer moving back and it takes a while for her to warm up to him.

Spencer was in Seattle, but he suddenly decides to make the move permanently, much to the dismay of Sage who does not want him for her boss. He is intrigued by Sage, barely remembering her from his younger days but wants to get to know her now and goes out of his way to woo her.

Sage tries to stay away from Spencer but the fates are against her, she must work with him, their relatives collude to keep them together and he starts to court her by sending her daily gifts. He is a sweetheart to her as he tries to win her over, whereas she continues to be angry at him for things that happened earlier, but he wears her down with kindness and sex appeal.

Since this is a small town and friends and family are conspiring together, secondary characters play a huge role in this story. There are the plotters of Bethel, Eileen, Joseph, Martin George and Maggie who we watch with humor as they plan their next victim, I mean match, and I also like Grace and Camden’s story, they are next on the list of the schemers and will be featured in the next book. This is the second in the series but can be read easy as a standalone, characters from the previous book are featured but the author keeps you informed. This is a heartwarming story that will fulfill your reading pleasure if you enjoy a small town romance with humor.

I give Her Hometown Hero by Melody Anne 4 stars!

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