Sinclair Justice by Colleen Shannon (Texas Rangers #2)

Sinclair Justice by Colleen ShannonAvailable: Now Amazon/B&N

Type: Romantic Suspense

Publisher: Lyrical Press

My Copy: Net Galley

Reviewer: Pam

Ranger Proud, Ranger Strong… Texas Rangers swear to uphold the law to the letter. But Captain Ross Sinclair isn’t about to play by the rules to destroy a major human trafficking cartel—especially now that the only chance to break this case just strode into his life with attitude as long as her gorgeous legs.

Heiress Emm Rothschild is taking names and raising hell as she searches for her abducted sister and niece. And the evidence this wild-child turns up sets off a lethal chain of events—challenging Ross to keep her reckless determination and seductive daring up close and dangerously personal. Now a blindsiding betrayal has Emm heading straight into harm’s way. And Ross will have to put his badge and career on the line to get justice—and prove to the woman he loves that a Ranger’s word is a forever bond.

This is an enjoyable romantic suspense with an intriguing plot, interesting characters and an evil premise to fulfill many lovers of this genre.

Mercy Magdalena, otherwise known as Emm is desperate to find her niece and sister. They have been missing for several months; they are believed to have been abducted by human traffickers and taken to Mexico. She has been talking to the police in the New England area and she finally has some clues to go on and heads to Amarillo, Texas. She will also be working with the historical society in the area as a Historic Preservation Trust Officer, very convenient.

Ross Sinclair is a Texas Ranger in charge of a task force that is on the trail of the human traffickers. He is also in charge of several older buildings in the area that many want to save, which is how he meets Emm for the first time. They hit it off immediately and when she questions him about his task force and explains her involvement he is very intrigued.

This is a thrilling romance full of suspense, drama and action. The story deals with a sensitive subject matter but Ms. Shannon treats it delicately and affectively. I enjoyed the author’s voice and how she infuses humor into the mix; I also enjoyed how the hero and heroine were on the older side, refreshing to read.

Emm is an intelligent woman who came to Amarillo to find her sister and niece. She finds the man in charge and then goes about gathering evidence to help, similarly to what she did back home. She seems to be the one with the radar for information, and it is affective. I like her determinedness to get the job done.

Ross is a Texas Ranger who enjoys doing his job well. He is intrigued when he first meets Emm and is immediately attracted to her. When he finds they both want to eradicate the human trafficking cartel in the area he is happy to work with her. Their chemistry is electric as they spend more time together finding answers.

These two are very alike; they come from similar backgrounds of wealth and privilege but are grounded and level headed. They are attracted to each other immediately and find that working together has it benefits. I did think their priorities were a little off, Emm came to Texas not only to look for her sister, but also to do a job, and sometimes I felt the job was more important and then Ross seemed to find time for a family reunion before he felt the need to run after the threatened Emm, both scenarios felt strange to me but in the end things worked out.

The pace was fast from beginning to end, there is a lot of action and danger that is felt throughout the story and I read it fast as the ending is intense. I also enjoyed getting other POV’s during the story, especially her sister Yancy. This is the second book in the series and it is easily read as a standalone. I will definitely pick up the next in the series as I find myself enjoying the writing and characters created by the author.

I give Sinclair Justice by Colleen Shannon 3.5 stars!

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