Coming Home To Mustang Ridge by Jesse Hayworth (Mustang Ridge #5)

Coming Home To Mustang Ridge by Jesse HayworthAvailable: Now Amazon/B&N

Type: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Signet

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Pam

After putting all her savings—and then some—into purchasing a vintage clothing shop in downtown Three Ridges, Wyoming, Ashley Webb is determined to succeed come hell or high water. Problem is, she’s never been good at long-term commitments. And when Ashley crosses paths again with the incredibly sexy cowboy she got cozy with at her brother’s wedding, she can’t help being distracted.

Tyler Reed isn’t looking to settle down—he tried that before and got burned. Not to mention that the new head wrangler at Mustang Ridge Dude Ranch has other things on his mind. Things that are far more important than helping out his boss’s pretty—but flaky—sister…even though there’s some serious chemistry between them. When Ashley turns out to be very different than he expected, he’s tempted to go against his better judgment. What’s a cowboy to do when the wrong woman lassoes his heart?

This series is one that I have enjoyed from the beginning. The setting is small town America and the characters are warm and genuine as they find their loves after navigating bumps along the way.

Ashley Webb has moved to Three Ridges to settle down after a rocky few years following her drummer boyfriend. Her brother Wyatt lives in Three Ridges, Wyoming and is happy she has finally left the loser, but he is worried that she is biting off more than she can handle when she purchases a retail store. She is ready to settle down and although she knows her family thinks she is too irresponsible, she believes in herself and will prove it to others.

Tyler Reed is back home working as a guide at Mustang Ridge. He grew up here and almost married a local girl but she dumped him six weeks before the wedding and he soon left to follow his dreams of becoming a singer in a band, unfortunately life on the road was difficult and not all it was cracked up to be, so he came back.

During Wyatt’s wedding several months, Tyler and Ashley hooked up but neither lived here at the time and never thought they would see each other again, but fate is funny, as they negotiate new ground while living in the same town.

Another sweet fun story set in the wilds of Wyoming. Mustang Ridge ranch is finally coming into its own after the changes needed to sustain profitability and it is fun to see the final touches. This is a coming home story that will warm your heart.

When I remember hearing about Ashley in previous stories, she seemed different, more of a wanderer without direction as she follows her boyfriend wherever he landed and she could not seem to leave him. But this Ashley seems more confident and grounded which I like better but I was not sure about the transformation. I like how she sets out to prove to everyone she can stand on her own two feet and succeed, especially Wyatt who throughout most of the book still does not believe in her.

I like Tyler, a good person who came home after deciding touring with a band was not the lifestyle he wanted. At first I was not sure why he came back to Three Ridges since he has some embarrassing memories from a failed engagement but I guess it feels like home, a place to start over. He truly loves his job and the area starts to pull him in again even as he first tries to stay as far away from Ashley as he can.

When the two see each other again they remember their evening together but vow not to revisit the relationship, he does not want any commitments and she is trying to open her shop, however they seem to gravitate toward each other and as the days go by he finds himself helping her build a stage, then moving some items in her shop, and then they are painting walls together for several nights. They have some great chemistry and enjoy each other’s company which gets noticed and her friends end up placing bets on when they will get together, which is hilarious when she finds out.

The pace works well, the two slowly become friends then lovers as Ashley creates a new life for herself and Tyler realizes he is finally home. They both have some issues to overcome about their childhood which was surprisingly similar but things smooth out over time. I like seeing several returning characters and catching up on their lives, that said this can easily be read as a standalone as the author does a great job of keeping the reader informed. New characters also add to the story, I enjoyed her employee, the quirky Henrietta and I like how the author leaves a storyline open with a new character, and hope for more to come.

I give Coming Home to Mustang Ridge by Jesse Hayworth 4 stars!

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