Wild About The Wrangler by Vicki Lewis Thompson (Sexy Texans #2)

Wild About The Wrangler by Vicki Lewis ThompsonAvailable: November 3, 2015 Amazon/B&N

Type: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Signet

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Nikki

Expert rider Mac Foster’s got it bad for Anastasia Bickford, but he’s fighting it. Not only is she a friend—she’s his boss’s sister, making her the last person he should be lusting after. To make matters worse, she’s creating a name for herself as an artist, and it’s only a matter of time before the world comes knocking at her door.
Though Anastasia has a growing reputation for her vivid drawings of a legendary wild stallion they call the Ghost, she’s never seen him. A secret fear of horses has forced her to rely only on photos. Since no one knows the Ghost better than Mac, he can help her overcome her fear by teaching her to ride. But in order to get closer to the stallion, she’ll have to get closer to the man.

When I picked up Wild About the Wrangler I was desperately craving a good contemporary romance. Something different than the paranormals I’d been hooked on recently. The cover screams sexy cowboy and I eagerly cracked this one open. Sadly this one did not live up to my expectations and I quickly found myself bored.

The biggest problem I found with this book was the lack of heat between the two main characters of Mac and Anastasia. The premise of the book is one that is equally droll. Anastasia is an artist who relies on pictures in order to sketch because she’s unable to get out into the woods due to her fear of horses. Wanting to experience for herself the wild stallions that roam the land, and their leader Ghost, she convinces Mac to teach her to face her fears and learn to horseback ride.

I found this book to be so slow paced I’m pretty sure at one point it was comatose. The plot drags along like a lame duck with not much happening for 75% of the book. There was virtually no connection between Mac and Anastasia and they barely shared more than a stolen glance for much of the book.  The secondary cast of characters didn’t give much life to the plot either. I didn’t find any of them standing out enough to warrant their own book even though I know there is at least one more coming in this series based on three wranglers. Honestly, the thing I liked most of all was the horses.

I suppose if I was a lover of sweet romances, this may have worked for me….however I definitely am not. I need more substance, more heat and action than what Wild About the Wrangler ultimately gave me.

I give Wild About the Wrangler by Vickie Lewis Thompson 2 stars


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