Ever After by Rachel Cross

Ever After by Rachel CrossAvailable: Now Amazon

Type: Romance

Publisher: Self Pub

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Michelle

The Beauty Queen…
Once upon a time, a teen beauty queen from Texas gave up her golden crown and her controlling family and married her one true love. Her family disowned her, her husband died and she was left to raise their twin girls alone.

Years later Rebecca married for security and companionship but chose poorly and ended up with a fraud, a cheat and a liar. He died leaving her with nothing but a beautiful stepdaughter, boatloads of debt, a tarnished reputation and a vow never to remarry.

The Prince…
Once upon a time, across the Atlantic, there lived a young prince. His life was anything but charmed. His mother died tragically and his older brothers could do no wrong – in school, in life or in love.

David was not just a member of worlds most well known royal family – he became its most infamous and popular son. But serving his country in wartime changed the prince. Soon he longed for more than endless parties with models on yachts in the Mediterranean. In his last days as a soldier and pilot he was sent on a junket to California.

It was there he met the woman who could change everything …

As an avid reader, sometimes I want to hunker down with a huge, engrossing novel that I don’t want to put down. Other times I want to pick up something quick to sort of cleanse my reading palate. If you’re looking for a short, steamy – with a perfectly happy ending – read, this one is for you.

Like its title implies, Ever After is a fairy tale story, albeit a modern one. Rebecca Tremaine has some tales to tell about her love life. Defying her parents, the former beauty pageant queen turned her back on her family’s controlling ways and their wealth and chose to marry the blue collar boy she loved. Left alone to raise their twin girls after her husband died unexpectedly, Rebecca knows she had and lost her one true love. After years of forging a life on her own, she chooses to marry again – this time not for love. Unfortunately, she realized too late that she’d stepped back into the life she had escaped as a teenager. Her second, older husband was wealthy, controlling, and not in any way the love of her life. He was also a cheat and a fraud and left her with piles of debt – and a heartbroken teenaged stepdaughter.

Now in her late thirties, working hard to recover from the disaster of her second marriage, and trying to help her rebellious stepdaughter work through her issues, Rebecca does not have love on her radar at all. Until her job brings her in contact with David. David of the gorgeous red hair, hard, athletic body and piercing green eyes. She knows he is way too young for her, and she has too much on her plate to contemplate a relationship, but there is no way to resist her attraction to him.

David, modeled after a certain charming younger son of the Queen of England I presume, is somewhat of a rebel. He’s the black sheep of the royal family, always making news thanks to his escapades. There’s more to the man than just the sexy international playboy, though. A decorated soldier, a helicopter pilot and humanitarian, David longs to continue his military career instead of settling down into the family “business”. When he meets Rebecca while on a month-long military visit to the United States, he is instantly taken with her and completely charmed by the fact that she has no idea who he is. It’s refreshing to be with someone who wants him, not the prince. A one night stand turns into a two week affair until the whole thing comes crashing down around them. What’s left are two people who care for each other, wanting more and needing to find a way to make it all work.

I’m not totally crazy about novellas – they are too short to be much of a story. I thought Rachel Cross did a good job of developing the characters in this one. Rebecca seemed very real to me, from her practical nature and the soft-hearted “mom” moments to the throw caution to the wind, have sex behind a gas station impulsiveness. David was a little more two dimensional to me, but still a worthy hero. While this was more of a sex-fest than a romantic fairy tale, I liked the ending a lot.

I give Ever After 3.5  by Rachel Cross stars

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