You’re The Earl That I Want by Kelly Bowen (The Lords of Worth #3)

You're The Earl I Want by Kelly BowenAvailable: Now Amazon/B&N

Type: Historical Romance

Publisher: Forever

My Copy: NetGalley

Reviewer: Pam


For businessman Heath Hextall, inheriting an earldom has been a damnable nuisance. The answer: find a well-bred, biddable woman to keep his life in order and observe the required social niceties. But it’s always been clear that Lady Josephine Somerhall is not that woman. Once a shy slip of a girl, Joss is now brilliant, beautiful chaos in a ball gown.


In her heart, Joss has always loved Heath, the one person she’s always been able to count on. That doesn’t mean she wants to marry him though. Without a husband, Joss can do as she pleases-and now, it pleases her to solve the mystery of an encoded file given to Heath by a dying man. It’s put Heath in peril once, and Joss won’t let that happen again. She’ll do what she must to ensure the earl’s safety. And to remind him that what she lacks in convention, she makes up for in passion.

I really enjoyed this book and have had so much fun with this series. The combination of humor, passion and adventure make these books a delight to read. It is Joss’ turn for romance and she finds it with a childhood friend, but not without some danger.

Heath Hextall is the Earl of Boden, he has been cleaning up the mess his father left him, and in the process he has changed since he was a young carefree man, he now wishes he could just concentrate on his businesses. After several issues with his household staff, he decides he needs a wife to take care of domestic items, a boring wife that will not bother him much. When his childhood friend William stops laughing, he goes about helping him.

Josephine (Joss) is William’s sister who is back in town after ten years traveling the world. She remembers Heath from their younger days, and always thought he might be her choice one day, but she spent most of her youth away and only came home on occasion. Now that they are reacquainted she is distressed to learn he is searching for a bride. It is only when danger comes too close, do they both realize that they need each other.

Another winner from Ms. Bowden, she writes individuals with humor and secrets who seem to find themselves in precarious situations. I love the people she surrounds the main characters with, I often found myself laughing when Luke, Joseph or Margret were involved in illusions and antics.

I knew I was going to adore Joss before I even met her and I was right. She is an extremely intelligent woman who is a bit nerdy but she enjoys life to the fullest and will not stand still for long, soon to sail off to some exotic place in the world. I like how easily she handles any situation; she is always ready and is often saving the day. She takes her mother’s antics in stride, but knows the real reason there are so many distractions surrounding them, it is all for the good. When she was younger she often thought she would be with Heath one day, but knows the absurdity of her thinking, until they share a kiss.

I like Heath, he has been trying to fix the mess his father left him for several years and realizes keeping a household running is too much. He wants a wife for all the wrong reasons and it is hilarious how he goes about it and then is oblivious about his choice and her life. It is not until several mishaps occur does he realize what would miss without Joss in his world.

The mystery and intrigue are fun to read and secondary characters play a large part in this series, there are several who we have met before and I love that they are sharing page time again. I enjoyed seeing Joss’ mother Eleanor; although she has a smaller role here, but her butler and coachman Luke and Joseph, take her place and are hilarious with their capers and helpfulness.

The pace works well, it is a page turner from the start as there is murder, kidnapping, secret documents and Templar Knights to keep the reader enthralled. I enjoy how well Heath fits in with this group and how he deals with the truth when it is revealed, you can tell that the distractions Eleanor keeps in place work wonders. There is some heat, but it is tame, not only because of the many adventures going on, but also because he is looking for a wife, and Joss refuses to be the other woman, at least until they both realize they are a match. This is the third book in the series however the author keeps the reader informed so you can easily read this as a standalone. I highly recommend this book and series as it is full of wonderful characters, antics and of course romance.

I give You’re the Earl that I Want by Kelly Bowen 4.5 stars!

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