Energized by Mary Behre (Tidewater #3)

Energized by Mary BehreAvailable: Now Amazon/B&N

Type: Paranormal Romance

Publisher: Berkley

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Nikki

She’s searching for a sign…

Hannah Halloran has always believed in her gift. The things she sees through her psychic touch have never led her wrong before. Not when they led her to an unforgettable night with a sexy Marine at a bar. Not when she felt a need to leave her home and find the sisters she barely knows. And not now, when she is an unwilling witness to a brutal murder…

He’s ready to show her…

All Niall Graham wants is some peace. He’s recovering from the horrors of war, struggling to save his family’s restaurant, and desperate to forget Hannah, the beautiful woman who left him with memories of a mind-blowing night together and a bogus phone number. But a quiet life is hard to manage—especially when Hannah strides back into his restaurant with the news that a serial killer is on the loose and lurking closer than anyone could have guessed..

This has been a tumultuous series for me as a reader. I LOVED book one and raved continuously about it but then I couldn’t even finish book two and gave up around the 50% mark of the book. Picking up Energized was something I wasn’t even sure I was going to do, but it just called to me the other day and I figured I’d at least try it. I’m so glad I did because I really enjoyed this one and felt the characters were extremely well done.

Hannah never expected her one night stand to end up being her boss a year after the fact, yet here they both are. New to town and looking for her two sisters, Hannah gets a job at a restaurant that just happens to be sitting on the same property her birth mother lived on. But her new boss is Niall, the hot Marine she shared one blistering night with. He doesn’t seem to be happy that she’s there either.

The one night stand who gave him the wrong number is now his employee and Niall knows he can never act on the attraction he still feels. The last thing the wounded soldier needs is a woman who thinks she has psychic powers that allow her to see into someones memories by touching something metal of their. He has enough on his plate trying to save the family restaurant his irresponsible younger brother is driving into the ground.

When Hannah gets a memory of a murder she’s not sure who to turn to. The cops think she’s a suspect and Niall thinks she’s crazy. She finds a kindred spirit in her coworker who sees auras but as things progress and more men turn up murdered Hannah knows she’s going to have to break the case wide open herself.

I adored the characters in Energized so much and thought Behre did an excellent job making everyone relatable and real. Niall and Hannah were an excellent couple. Niall, being a Marine just back from a tour, suffered with some PTSD when put in enclosed spaces. His fuse was a bit short, especially with his little brother, but I loved him all the same. He was adamant that he would not act on his attraction to Hannah for several reasons yet he couldn’t deny the pull she had over him.

I really loved how Hannah refused to back down even when cops were calling her a suspect in the murders she was trying so desperately to solve. Even when her visions scared her and made her physically sick, she didn’t give up. She willingly put herself in danger in order to save people she’d never met. Her quirkiness and snarky personality gave her strength when she needed it and made her vocal and funny. I loved the back and forth teasing between her and Niall even though it was subtle at times as they tried to hide their budding relationship from everyone else.

The mystery was done really well and I was totally surprised as everything is revealed at the end of the book. Though the point of Hannah being in Tidewater was to find her sisters, they really don’t play much of a part in the book making it a good standalone if a reader hasn’t read the previous two.

Inventive and exciting, the perfect mix of genres, Energized needs to be on your reading list!

I give Energized by Mary Behre 4.50 stars!


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