Shark Bait by Daisy Harris

Available: January 18, 2011

Siren Publishing

My copy: Provided by author

Daisy Harris is at it again, and this time she has entered the world of the Shark Shifters. In Shark Bait we are introduced to the ruthless world of the pirate sharks.

Raider is a half mere, half shark shifter with a mission. He will take the beatings from his father and brothers for being different….but only until his time has come. He has big plans. He’s just buying his time until the moment for freedom and prosperity presents itself. And with the arrival of prisoner, Sophia, he thinks it most certainly has arrived.

Sophia isn’t like other dragoness’ . She is smaller, untrained, brutally honest and more then a little naive. With her first heat quickly approaching she needs to find a mate. She sets off alone in search of Kai, a proposed mate that has jilted her (remember him from the last book) only to be captured by Russian shark shifters. Thrown into a cell with scarred Raider keeping watch.

When her body responds to him in a way it never has before she is confused but also completely aroused. Raider isn’t just a shark shifter, he’s got deeply buried emotions that just need to be coaxed to the surface. While he teaches Sophia the wonders of her body…she needs to teach him how to let go.

The love story between Raider and Sophia isn’t an easy one. He is vicious, cruel and downright mean at times. Though his outbursts tended to be more about denying the attraction and his self worth. He puts on a mean face constantly but he really wants to keep Sophia as his own. But what would a regal dragoness want with a penniless, scarred shark? There are several scenes that border on rape but Daisy does them total justice. You will be enthralled by her misunderstood hero. There is something about a scarred, dangerous man that really greases my chains 🙂

We also get to revisit the research center with the new character of David. David has been hired by Dendric Research to help further the studies they are conducting on ocean shifters. Up until this point he had no idea such species existed and when he sees the mereman Nereus for the first time, he can’t deny the simmering attraction that is instantly felt. David is horrified of the extremes to which the center is going to further their research. He sets out to gain Nereus trust as well as find alternate ways to gain the samples they need from the shifters.

Daisy navigates the waters of gay romance quite well. I was a little apprehensive going into this because this is my first experience with male on male romance. I’ve read a few menage books, but never just males. I love how she wrote their feelings and actions so completely, and I really did feel the love between these two. Nereus totally reminds me of a male version of Daryl Hannah from Splash. He is beautiful, strong and even though he could leave whenever he felt like he stays in order to help the other species. His connections with David are immediate and it simmers just below the surface until they are alone for the first time. And when they are alone…the sparks not only fly, they explode.

Daisy Harris is really hitting her stride with Shark Bait. The third installment of her Ocean Shifters series will definitely have you panting and begging for more from these underwater creatures. I loved this book just like I loved the last two! Come with her and smell the salty ocean air, feel the sand in your toes, and take the ride of your life!

I give Shark Bait by Daisy Harris 4.25 stars!


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