A Wedding inTruhart by Cynthia Tennent (Truhart #1)

Wedding Truhart by Cynthia TennentAvailable: Now Amazon/B&N

Type: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Lyrical Shine

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Pam

Welcome to Truhart . . .

Welcome to Truhart, Michigan, population 1300 and dropping. Where everyone knows everyone else and garage sales are front page news. Not exactly where you’d expect to find the celebrity wedding of the year. As Maid of Honor, and the famous bride’s big sister, Annie has to plan a wedding suitable for America’s newest sweetheart reporter on The Morning Show. But what she didn’t plan on was seeing Nick Conrad again. Her older brother’s best friend who left Truhart for the big city, Nick just happens to be Annie’s embarrassing childhood crush. He’s also the Best Man.

As Atlanta’s High Society descends on the tiny Midwest town, Annie has the impossible task of controlling her eccentric family and nutty neighbors, while hosting a wedding fit for a princess at her family’s rundown Amble Inn. But what she can’t control is the spark reigniting between her and Nick. Between snowstorms, an A.W.O.L. gown, and the broadcast of the wedding on The Morning Show, Annie is just hoping to survive the big day without losing her mind. And to survive being around Nick again without losing her heart.

This is the first in a new series, a delightful small town romance with quirky characters and a story that had me laughing and crying from page one.

Annie is a hometown girl that once had dreams of becoming a photographer, she even won a prestigious scholarship in New York but when her father got sick she was overwhelmed and came home to help her mother and brother run the family Inn.

Nick Conrad grew up in Truhart but now lives in Atlanta pursuing a distinguished career as an architect. He was Annie’s crush while she was growing up, yet nothing ever happened between them, he was her brother’s best friend and she was just the little sister who he nicknamed Bump because of her clumsy ways.

Her sister Charlotte is getting married in Atlanta in a few weeks and Annie, her mom and aunt travel down for the bridal shower. When she sees Nick for the first time she feels like the same clumsy girl she once was, he even calls her Bump. But things get complicated, Annie feels Charlotte’s new family looks down on them, she has a bit of a breakdown that Nick witnesses and then to make matters worse, the wedding is moved to Truhart.

I thoroughly enjoyed this story. The author adds humor and intense feelings throughout to create a heartwarming, funny story. There are pitfalls and crazy circumstances the families have to go through but are able to create a wonderful wedding for Charlotte and Henry.

Annie is extremely likeable, even when she is distracted. She is kind and wants to help her sister but she is constantly worrying about what others think, believing Henry’s family is looking down on her family. Although at times it seems to be true, but things have a way of working out as they all experience one disaster after another and begin to bond.

Nick is adorable, a funny and very sexy hero that steals the hearts of readers. He left home to find his dream and rarely comes home to visit, which ticks Annie off, but there are issues he must deal with in order to find his way back. The two are cute together as their friendship picks up where it left off and starts to develop into much more, there are some underlying issues that has them picking at each other until their undeniable chemistry takes over and the sparks fly.

The premises is fun, it is about a wedding that has as many disasters as you could imagine. These two very different families come together to stay in a small town that has a hard time accommodating them, and with a blizzard coming, the result is interesting. The pace works well and I read it quickly, enjoying several secondary characters, her mom and aunt are hilarious as they try to create this beautiful impromptu wedding for Charlotte, Ian who is the brother is also very funny and I would like to see him in a future book, a laid back, sexy musician who loves to torment his sisters. Charlotte is also likeable, a bit on the bridezilla side for most of the book. I even liked some of Henry’s family toward the end. A very enjoyable book that is the first in a series and I will definitely be picking up the next to see what happens with this fun family.

I give A Wedding In Truhart by Cynthia Tennent 4 stars!

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