Last Hope by Jessica Clare & Jen Frederick (Hitman #4)

Last Hope by Jessica ClareAvailable: Now Amazon/B&N

Type: Romantic Suspense

Publisher: Berkley

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Nikki

Mendoza: I grew up in the slums and lost everything I loved to poverty, illness, and death. I had only one skill to leverage myself out of my circumstances—violence. Being hired out as a mercenary hitman brought me money and built an empire. But all that I’ve fought for is in jeopardy. My next job: Steal secret information that could bring down world governments. Find my target. Destroy it. But then, I meet her.

Ava: Karma hates me. When my best friend Rose is kidnapped, I have no choice but to take a job as a mule for a pair of criminals intent on selling top-secret information to the highest bidder. I should have known that bad luck tends to cling, because the plane I’m on goes down. That I survived a crash-landing was a miracle. And so was being rescued by Rafe Mendoza—hot, sexy, dangerous. The thing is, he wants the information that I need to free Rose. I can’t let him have it, but I need his help. And I need to fight this crazy attraction for this mercenary with hungry eyes. Rose is depending on me, and I won’t let her down, no matter how appealing Rafe is.

I have adored these books since book one and I had high hopes for the elusive Rafe’s story. In some ways I was rewarded and in others this book was so ridiculous that I found myself laughing about things that were supposed to be serious.

Rafe and Ava were super cute together. Ava is trying to complete a mule job she had gotten roped into trying to save her best friend and Rafe is trying to get the same information she’s carrying to save his friend as well. What starts as a simple switch job on the bag Ava is carrying turns into a life and death situation in an Amazon jungle after a horrible plane crash.

Last Hope had a ton of action suspense and I loved that aspect, however the hero had one major flaw, or problem, or whatever….his dick was huge. Yup, huge. As in compared to a wine bottle, a baseball bat, a club, a python and various other things…huge. Ava refers to it as Godzilla. A 12 incher. A footlong. A split a woman in two, dick. Even better? Rafe, our hero who runs an entire island of mercenaries for hire and the people they have saved, honestly thinks that his dick killed a woman when he was a teenager and so he hasn’t had sex since. Yup. I just…WHAT THE HELL?! He’s smart. He’s heroic. Yet, he thinks his dick caused some chick massive internal bleeding and as a result, she died. No. Just….NO. I mean, WTF. He’s 35 years old. I’m sure the man has used the internet at some point, had some schooling, has a smart phone…whatever…and he still thinks his dick is just so big that it has the power to kill someone? Ridiculous. Utterly stupid. I can’t even….

So, of course, Ava takes it upon herself while trying to survive the wiles of the Amazon to try and desensitize Rafe to his aversion to sex. I think if I was in the Amazon, hungry, sweaty, covered in bug bites and injuries from a plane crash, all I’d be thinking about was the massive equipment in Rafe’s pants too. Duh. She starts out with some hand action, Rafe follows that with some mouth action and finally, FINALLY, she gets the entire sausage towards the end of the book. She doesn’t die though. Shocker, I know. I was kind of hoping that he’d stick it all up in there and she’d choke on it coming up her throat, but that would be a horror and not a romance so instead he sticks it all up in there and it hits her g-spot and IUD instead. Sexy. Or not.

Last Hope was just so over the top ridiculous that I couldn’t take much of it seriously. Still, it was a good read, even if I was laughing at things that I’m pretty sure was not meant to be funny.

I give Last Hope by Jessica Clare and Jen Frederick 3 stars

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