The Wrong Bride by Gayle Callen (Highland Weddings #1)

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Type: Historical Romance

Publisher: Avon

My Copy: Edelweiss

Reviewer: Pam

Shaken from sleep during the night and bundled off to the Highlands by a burly Scot, Riona is at first terrified, then livid. Hugh McCallum insists they were promised to each other as children to ensure peace between their clans. The stubborn laird refuses to believe he’s kidnapped the wrong Catriona Duff. Instead, he embarks on a campaign of slow-burning seduction . . .

At first, Hugh cares only what their marriage can do for his people. Now he’s starting to crave Riona for her own sake, but her true identity jeopardizes his clan’s contract. And unless she chooses to risk all to be his bride, he’ll lose the only thing he prizes more than the lands he’s fought so hard to save—the passionate marriage they could have together.

A new Highlander romance is always something to look forward to, and I truly enjoyed this start to a new series. Who can resist an angry groom who kidnaps the wrong bride? It is a fun trope and I am looking forward to more in this series.

Hugh McCallum is returning to his homeland to take his rightful place as laird of the McCallum clan. He grew up elsewhere when his mother took his sister and him away from their abusive father. Now that his father has died, he is ready to claim the bride promised to him years ago and travel home. Unfortunately Sir Duff is not willing to let his daughter go so easily and reneges on the contract, prompting Hugh to take matters into his own hands and abduct his bride.

Catriona Duff is also known as Riona, she and her cousin share the same name. Her cousin Cat was betrothed to Hugh when they were children as their fathers wanted to make peace between the clans. Unfortunately when Huge went to claim his bride, Cat’s father switched things around and sent her away, only to have Riona sleep in Cat’s room the night that Hugh kidnaps her to take her to his highlands, let the fun begin.

This is a fast, fun read that has combined humor and romance into a witty story that is set in the beautiful highlands of Scotland.

Riona is an interesting woman, on the outside she reminds you of someone who comes from a nice family but in reality she had an unhappy upbringing. She was the caretaker of her sister who was ill, and then when her parents took her sister away, she stayed behind with her uncle who was not a nice man. The only saving grace was her cousin, Cat. No one ever put her first in her life; she was lonely and did not have much confidence in herself. However, she gained more each day she was away from her uncle and with Hugh and his clan and I liked seeing her grow.

Hugh is a wonderful hero; he wants to do what is right for everyone by honoring the contract with the Duff’s and also return to his people to guide them toward a bright future. I like how he takes everything to heart and really wants to do well and he is patient and kind with Riona. I do think that his listening skills need help since he never wanted to believe he made a mistake and it took a long time for him to finally believe, but I suppose he was focused on his duties and his growing affection for Riona. Not to mention that if the truth came out, he would lose her.

I enjoyed these two together, of course Riona wanted nothing to do with him at first, but the Scottish traditions are more lenient and they often spent long periods of time together which made for the growing attraction between them, and some interesting nights of bonding. I enjoyed the secondary characters that rounded out the story; Samuel and Alasdair are great friends of Hugh, loyal and often funny. Later in the story we meet his sister Maggie who has her own interesting story that involves Owen, Riona’s cousin and Cat’s brother, I will look forward to reading this tale. All in all this is a nice historical romance set in one of my favorite places, the highlands of Scotland.

I give The Wrong Bride by Gayle Callen 4 stars!

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