Reap The Wind by Karen Chance (Cassandra Palmer #7)

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Type: Urban Fantasy

Publisher: Signet

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Pam

You’d think that being chief seer for the supernatural world would come with a few perks. But as Cassie Palmer has learned, being Pythia doesn’t mean you don’t have to do things the hard way. That’s why she finds herself on a rescue mission skipping through time—even though she doesn’t entirely understand her dimension-bending new power.

Rescuing her friend John Pritkin should have been an in-and-out kind of deal, but with the near-immortal mage’s soul lost in time, Cassie has to hunt for it through the ages—with Pritkin’s demon dad in tow. He’s the only one who can reverse Pritkin’s curse, but with the guardians of the timeline dead set on stopping anyone from mucking about, Cassie will have to figure out how to get her friend back without ruffling too many feathers—or causing a world-ending paradox or two….

This series is amazing and I have enjoyed each and every story that pits Cassie against anything thrown at her while still coming out alive, and this seventh book is no exception. I do have to say that although this ends with many questions unanswered, I was OK with it; the ending fits the story which is ever changing and ever growing.

Reap the Wind picks up exactly where the last book left off with Cassie in trouble and still searching for Pritkin in another time and it does not let up for the entire book. She is in one scrap after another and people are either trying to kill her or trying to help her. Rosier, Pritkin’s father is still by her side, helping her as they jump back and forth through time; it is a miracle that they come back to the present unscathed, sort of.

As I said, this is book seven and it has a huge backstory, I am not sure someone could pick this up and be able to follow the story line, although I would recommend the series from the beginning to anyone who enjoys an amazing heroine who, although she has powers she still does not know about, still seems like one of us and very relatable. It is remarkable that it has only been four months since she became Pythia, haven’t we read seven books over several years? Yet I would not miss this ride.

I enjoyed the new characters the author introduces, one is Rhea who is a wonderful addition as the Pythia acolyte and I think her story going forward will be interesting. I also enjoyed seeing familiar faces throughout, Mircea is as sexy as ever but things have changed and I am not sure where his story will go as there is trouble ahead, I also liked seeing Marco and the rest of the gang who hang out in the penthouse as they interact with Cassie in various ways, many humorous and always exciting. Of course a younger, less bitter Pritkin is a delight to see, he is sexy and delivers some amazing thoughts and graphics into Cassie’s head of the two of them, swoon!

Without giving away details, I do want to mention that although this is a large book and there is a lot going on, the story does not really advance much. We do learn more about the Pythia, more about her powers and the history behind the Pythia, which is interesting, but I was a bit disappointed that it seems that only a few days have passed during this time, yet there is so much going on that it seems like months. And despite leaving many questions unanswered, I like how it ends and believe things are going in the right direction. I love Chance’s writing and how she has created this amazing world. I have loved the ride from the beginning and look forward to more Cassie, Mircea and Pritkin among others and to one day find out the answers to all my questions.

I give Reap the Wind by Karen Chance 4 stars!

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