Cherry Adair Interview and Giveaway!

Alright…I gave everyone fair warning yesterday….today I have CHERRY ADAIR! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! I am so excited! I love love love her! Cherry has got to be the nicest, most generous person I have ever met. I have never seen an author interact with her fans quite like Cherry does. Check her out on Facebook…seriously….do it. Well….wait until you read the interview, then by all means go, do it! 🙂

So Cherry, hello! Welcome to my crazy place on the web! Let’s jump right into it okay?

You have so many awesome books out currently. How many have you published and when did you start your writing career?

Including UNDERTOW I’ve published- hang on I have to count them. . . .23 I started writing long before I published. I wrote (and shredded) 17 books before The Mercenary came out in 1993

17 books?! WOW! You must have had some serious dedication to work so incredibly hard! But I suppose it all paid off in the end huh?

Your newest book, Undertow, is located in a tropical setting. Since you live in the Northwest, where do you get your inspiration? Do you travel to the places in your books?

I have traveled to many of the exotic locals in my books, but not all of them. I don’t like creepy-crawlies or not being anywhere near a shower or a flushing toilet! (and observant readers will notice that my heroines don’t like the same things )

Well, though I am sure there are some women out there that like “roughing” it….I am not one of those girls. I don’t even like camping. No thanks, unless there is a motor home involved in the deal. If the kids want to sleep outside in a tent, then so be it. I want a bed….and A/C. Spiders and creepy-crawlies are also not my thing LOL…I scream like a…well, like a girl 🙂

What other type of research do you do in order to start a book? Especially with the Black Ops elements in your T-FLAC series?

I do extensive research – it’s one of the most time consuming, and fun, aspects of writing for me. I’m lucky enough to have fans and friends in interesting places who fill me in on some of the local color first hand. When I’m doing research I try to find an expert in that field who is usually happy to answer all my question. Over the years I’ve made a lot of fascinating contacts because of my writing. (and a few very scary people, too!)I know several black ops guys who are incredibly monosyllabic in their answers, and it’s like pulling hens teeth to get any kind of direct information out them. But once they got what I was writing, and that not only didn’t I need to know troop movement in Iraq (or wherever, I really didn’t want to know classified Intel They’re great at giving me other interesting factoids to make my operatives fun and interesting.

I met a strange and um…unusual nuclear physicist who helped me with info in The Bodyguard. A Venezuelan “business man” who loves my books ,and has offered to help me with whatever I need (Let’s leave it at that. Lol) Jacques Cousteau’s grandson, Fabien Cousteau (who is as yummy and delish as one of my heroes!) has helped with research for several of my books over the years. And I found a fascinating treasure hunter named Dr. Lubos Kordac who is helping me with details on salvaging for the Cutter Cay books. Over the course of 20 plus books I’ve collected a fascinating little black book filled with incredible and invaluable contacts. If I told you where I hide it I’d have to kill you.

Hmm well I definitely don’t want to die today…so I won’t ask anything else about your ominous black book of secrets 🙂 I’m fairly certain those guys might scare the crap outta me. I had an uncle that used to be a Green Beret and even he said he couldn’t ever tell us some of the things he did. Who wouldn’t want to know classified information? Oh yeah..ME.

Undertow is the first book in the Cutter Cay series. Tell us a bit about this new series and how many books you expect there to be?

UNDERTOW is the first of the CUTTER CAY trilogy. Of course I’m already thinking of book 4, 5…. (You might have noticed numbers aren’t my thing. ) The (ridiculously wealthy- because why not??) Cutter brothers are treasure hunters and live on Cutter Cay, their own private island in the Caribbean.

They each have their own unique dive boat, and they search the world’s oceans for a likely wreck to salvage. Logan, Nick and Zane are very close, and they have a friendly rivalry to see who retrieves the most valuable treasure every year. It’s not about the money, it’s all about winning for the Cutter brothers.

Teal William’s, my heroine in UNDERTOW, is a fascinating character, and someone I’ve never written before. I absolutely love her, and hope readers will, too. She’s a mass of insecurities and bristly bad attitude. Zane is outgoing and gregarious. Teal is his exact opposite. Zane wants to party, and Teal just wants to be left the hell alone. This couple was SO much fun to write.

I’m sorry..what? I got distracted by the picture…I was imagining being on that beach with Zane…..whoever that model is…WOW! I love the name Teal too! Extremely unique!

What’s on your plate right now? What’s coming from Cherry Adair?

I just finished writing HUSH (a jungle book ) which will be out in May. HUSH is the first of my other new trilogy which is called LODESTONE. Now I’m writing RIPTIDE, the 2nd in the CUTTER CAY series, and middle brother Nick’s book. (He’s the one in the middle )

Holy Smokes I think I found my new screen background….*drool* *pant*

Is there going to be a crazy, sex obsessed character named Nikki always on a guy named Sven in your next book? Based on my Facebook shenanigans of course 🙂

Um….er…there does so happen to be a sex obsessed character named Nikki in …one of my books.

Ok, deep breath…deep breath….I’m going to just let that one go because if I don’t I may faint dead away and squeal uncontrollably…though maybe not in that order. Just know that for the next several years I will be impulsively reading every single book.

Let’s move on shall we….because if we don’t I may go into some kind of shock…

Is the T-FLAC series done now or will you continue those at some point?

For now I’m working very hard (OK obsessively!) on the two new trilogies which are not T-FLAC. (Although readers might see a familiar operative pop up where they least expect them )

It’s always really cool to see past characters pop up in new books. I hate feeling like when I read the last page of a book that the characters I’ve grown to love just disappear. It’s nice to hear from them again later.

Do you have a favorite character you’ve written?

I’m pretty fickle. Whichever character I’m writing at the time is always my favorite. I must admit though that I do have a soft spot for Marc Savin (The Mercenary) because he was my first hero. We always remember our first.

Well, I think that’s totally understandable. Besides there is always room for one more 😉 But it is true, we never forget our first.

Who do you read? Favorite authors? Are you reading anything now?

I used to read a book a day. Now I’m lucky if I have time to finish a book in a month! That’s the downside of doing what I do. I love being an author, but it’s left me no time to enjoy one of my greatest pleasures. Some of my fave authors in no particular order – Ann Stuart, Maggie Osbourn, Linda Howard. . .and dozens of others.

I think most authors feel this way. But, I hear you’re going on vacation soon…so hopefully that will allow you to catch up with your favorite reads!I know I don’t have as much time to read as I’d like and I’m certainly not a bestselling author…I can only imagine the time management authors have to deal with.

I know you like to take walks, what else do you do in your spare time?

I don’t like to take walks! <g> I walk because it’s good for me, and get’s me away from my computer for a bit of fresh air. Lol And what spare time?

Ok, ok, no spare time…I get it 🙂 But walks up where you are must be so beautiful. And I like to imagine that the air is crisper and fresher there…as opposed to boring ole Ohio.

Alright, well I will let you get back to your writing. But first tell me….if you could pick anyone to play the part of Zane in Undertow…who would you pick?

The yummy and delicious Alex O’Loughlin (Hawaii Five-0) is my new TV crush. I’d pick him to play the role of Zane Cutter. (I’d pick him to play…with me )

Be good Cherry! *wink wink* Ok, I’d let him play with me too LOL. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog today!

For more info on my books people can visit my website And for fun and daily shenanigans come and play with me on Facebook and/or Twitter..
Thanks Nikki – this was fun.

Go ahead and stare at this picture for a know you want to…..



In celebration of Cherry’s new book Undertow…I am going to give a copy away to a random commenter. This contest is open to anywhere ships! All you need to do is leave a meaningful comment on this post! EASY! I will leave it open until Dec 31st at 11:59pm and put the winner up January 1st.


  1. well Im still stuck on the pictures…droolllll……..
    .Great interview!! I am prepared to go all the way to Mishawaka to the only bookstore we have around here to get this book!!!! (and that is a ways away!!) or maybe walmart would be smart enough to carry it! SQUEEEE!!!

  2. This book sounds hot! I’m adding to my list and buying it as soon as it comes out! Thanks for sharing with us today! Great post!

  3. Dirk Pitt look out I have a new book hunk to “sigh” over!
    Undertow has been on my radar but after this has zoomed up to the top of my gotta have to read list, the series sounds like it will be such a kick to read!
    Thanks for the interview Nikki and Cherry it was a very “warming” experience this morning as we are freezing again today in my area of Central Texas!

    jackie >_<

  4. Good morning (or afternoon wherever you may be ) This was fun I’m SO excited for you to read UNDERTOW and would love to hear what you think if/when you have a chance to read it.

    I’m writing middle brother Nick’s book (RIPTIDE) right now.

    And because I can’t *not*…..Just for you Nikki followers – I’ll give away 3 books from my backlist to the first three people who e mail me at and ask. Give me your snail mail address, and pick which book you’d like (better give me a few choices because I’ve given away a-um quite (stop laughing Nikki!!) few this month. )

  5. Thank you for the interview Nikki and Cherry! I haven’t read any of Cherry’s books but this looks like a good series to start off with… I was just on Bells new release post and saw Undertow I was like that looks good maybe it’s meant to be 😉

  6. Great, awesome interview! I have been a big fan of Ms Adair’s books for a good long time and I can’t wait to read Undertow. And now that I have the visual of Alex O’Loughlin in my mind – it will make it that much more yummy to read. Nikki you don’t need to enter me as I already have this book on order

  7. Cherry…loved the interview and your covers take the breath away…literally!
    Just wanted to say that you are one of the first people who’ve mentioned Maggie Osbourn as a favorite author and she’s one of my favs also.
    Good luck with your new series will be watching for it.

  8. Ok EVERYONE…first 3 people to email Cherry at:

    cherryadair3 at msn dot com

    will get a backlist book of their choosing (send her a couple of different choices in case she is out of something)

    Go…..NOW 🙂

  9. Okay, I kept losong my place because I kept going back to the picture. 🙂 Sorry! I am a new follower to Cherry but I am very anxious to read the book. Who wouldn;t after seeing the hunks. Oh my!

  10. That was really an awesome interview! Ms. Adair is a new to me author although I’ve definitely come across the name several times, so I’m excited to learn more about her. 17 books shredded?! I probably would’ve given up, but I’m sure alot of people are grateful that she didn’t.

  11. OMG!!!! I totally have to agree Cherry is great with her fans. New and old. I just got my 1st book by Cherry can’t wait to get it started. I am really looking forward to Undertow!!! It is on my must read list!!!!

    Thank you for a chance to win. 😉

    Kelly M

  12. Love the storylines and your books. (And the photos, especially of “Zane.”) Hope to receive the copy of Undertow, but if I don’t, I’m still glad I visited, to read about your books, your research and that “little black book.” You could write a fascinating book just about your adventures in researching.

  13. Omg! I can’t believe that I missed this but at least I’m not too late. Cherry, I love your books, and am a really big fan of the of the Wizard series. LOVE IT! Can’t wait to read your new book. Keep them coming. Nikki, love your Blog!

  14. ok I think there is a contest here, I have to admit that I hardly glanced at the words, just sorta stared at the pics , the eye candy was quite nice LOL

  15. Great interview Nikki and Cherry,
    Read it in email and now finally stopping by to comment.
    Looking forward to the Cutter Cay series. It sounds like it will be filled with adventure and a great backdrop!
    You are a prolific writer Cherry! Thank you for sharing your stories with us!

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