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Another year has came and gone as big of a blur as the year before. 2015 brought a lot of personal changes for me in real life which resulted in a loss of reading time. More so than I would have liked but I still managed to read over a hundred books. As the year came to a close I looked over my list of books that I had read this year and discovered I’d only given twelve 5 stars ratings! I’m not sure what happened there but I guess that makes the twelve I did give our highest rating even more special.Thank you to each and every reader, author, publicist and tour company for making 2015 a wonderful reading year! – Nikki

My Top Ten Picks of 2015!

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Love Hurts by Mandi Beck – What an amazing debut! Love Hurts is dark, gritty and graphically sultry. Filled with smoking hot scenes that very well could make it a “one handed read”. Mandi Beck hit it out of the park.

Sealed In Sin by Juliette Cross – Book two of The Vessel Trilogy was action packed and even better then book one (which was on last years list). I absolutely loved the lore Cross had integrated and thought she did a fabulous job keeping the story line interesting and progressing with ease. This trilogy is definitely one of my all time favs!

Last Breath by Jessica Clare & Jen Frederick – The Hitman series was an accidental find in 2015 as I was perusing Barnes and Noble one weekend. Last Breath is book two of this series which found readers riding shotgun as Daniel, our hero, searched brothels in an attempt to find his kidnapped sister. Instead he finds Regan who was still sane despite her time in the sex trade. This had action, sweet moments and an ongoing story arc that kept me turning pages long after I should have went to bed.

Archer’s Voice by Mia Sheridan – Another accidental find in 2015. After attending a local book conference and listening to the recommendation of a friend, I picked Archer’s Voice up. This was unlike any book I’d ever read because the hero didn’t talk. This made setting the scene very important and Sheridan did a wonderful job with it. Archer’s Voice was more of a slow heat book instead of a n erotic book, but the way it was told made this one of the best books I picked up in 2015!

Arrow’s Hell by Chantel Fernando – A smart heroine and an alpha MC member hero? YES. All the yesses. Arrow’s Hell is the second book in the Windragon MC series and I’m in love with Arrow. He’s scarred, smoking hot and does not give a shit about what others think of him. Until he realizes that the little sister of one of his MC brothers is all grown up, hot as hell, and has her sights set on him. This series is incredibly addictive!

I Belong To You by Lisa Renee Jones – MARK’S BOOK! I loved every single thing about this book. Shockingly erotic with a mix of danger made this one that I couldn’t put down until the end. Then I felt a loss long after finishing it. Mark has always been one of my favorites of this series and to finally get his book…PERFECTION.

Opening Up by Lauren Dane – This one twisted me into pieces from beginning to end. The heroine PJ was a take no prisoner, ball busting woman who excelled in a male dominated profession. Opening Up is an emotionally charged, slightly kinky, awesome contemporary romance that I adored.

Caged by Lorelei James – Book four of the Mastered series brought the long awaited story for Deacon and Molly. I loved the insight into Molly’s past and how it had shaped the woman she’d become. There’s just something about the simmering eroticism that James incorporates is her writing that just brings me back again and again.

Sustained by Emma Chase – Sustained was probably the funniest book I read this year and it came from an author that is quickly becoming an auto buy for me. Chase can write a male POV unlike anyone else and it’s one of the many reasons I adore her and her writing. It;s funny, on point and really really hot. Add in a bunch of misguided kids up to no good, and Sustained was a winner worthy of being on my yearly list.

Mastered by Maya Banks – After a string of books that I didn’t enjoy I was thrilled to love Mastered and I’m hoping that means good things for the following books in this trilogy due next year. Even though the heroine in Mastered was a bit naive, I enjoyed the domination Drake presented her with.

Sustained by Emma Chase

Caged by Lorelei James

Opening Up by Lauren Dane

I Belong To You by Lisa Renee Jones

Arrow's Hell by Chantal FernandoArcher's Voicer by Mia SheridanLast Breath by Jessica Clare

Sealed In Sin by Juliette CrossLove Hurts by Mandi BeckMastered by Maya Banks



Pam’s Picks

New Uses for Old Boyfriends by Beth Kendrick – I thoroughly enjoyed this second book in the series. I laughed my way through the antics of Lila, her mom and many of the residents in this seaside community. The first book, Cure for the Common Break Up, introduces us to Black Dog Bay, Delaware ” The Best place in America to bounce back from a breakup” and this follow-up book is just as delightful and fun to read.

I loved a Rogue by Katharine Ashe – This is the third book in the series about three sisters and a prophecy that will settle the past and futures of these young women. I truly enjoyed this story and thought that Ms. Ashe ended the series perfectly with twists and turns to keep you guessing throughout the book.

Rock Hard by Nalini Singh – I thoroughly enjoyed this book; it was everything a great Nalini Singh story has. There is a sexy alpha man who is strong, extremely sure of himself and driven to perfection and a woman who is equally as strong and intelligent who challenges him, and a conflict that unites them in love.

Searching for Beautiful by Jennifer Probst – I have enjoyed several of the books in this series, Ms. Probst writes incredibly emotional books that keep me turning the pages until the end. I have loved these two since I met them and was extremely happy to see their story come to life.

A Good Rogue is Hard to Find by Kelly Bowen – This is another wonderful story by Ms. Bowen. I loved the first in the series and I am happy to say that this just as good. I am adding another to my best books of the year. There are cover ups, diversions, humor and of course romance to satisfy any historical reader.

Midnight Captive by Elle Kennedy – What a ride, from beginning to end this is non-stop action. I love the characters that Ms. Kennedy has created throughout this series, they are tough people with secrets so deep that no one knows who they really are but they are loyal to a fault and will back each other through thick and thin, which is why Bailey and the others jump at the chance to help Sean, no questions asked.

Scotsman of My Dreams by Karen Ranney – A wonderful story featuring a strong willed woman and scarred rake who never intended to be titled. I love the dynamics of this couple, the slow buildup to romance and the mystery and intrigue that surrounds these two, creating a historical romance not to be missed.

Sweetest Scoundrel by Elizabeth Hoyt – I have loved this series from the beginning; and this book is one of my favorites. Asa and Eve are a delight, I enjoyed the enemies to lover’s trope and their witty banter is a plus, Asa knows how to talk dirty.

The Rogue Not Taken by Sarah MacLean – This is one of the best books I have read this year. I adored these two people; their hate to love relationship is full of witty banter, groveling and an amazing romance. I am so excited to start this new series. The story is fast paced from beginning to end and I had a blast reading. I highly recommend this historical romance with adventure, witty dialog and love.

The Stolen Mackenzie Bride by Jennifer Ashley – This book is a prequel to the remarkable Mackenzie Series that I have loved from the beginning. The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie is my all-time favorite historical romance and I was excited to find that the author had written a book about the man who started it all, Malcolm Mackenzie. I thoroughly enjoyed this story that takes us back to the struggles between Scotland and England and the men and women who fought so bravely.

The Stolen Mackenzie Bride by Jennifer AshleyThe Rogue Not Taken by Sarah MacLeanSweetest Scoundrel by Elizabeth HoytScotsman of my Dreams by Karen RanneyMidnight Captive by Elle KennedyBowen_A Good Rogue is Hard to Find_MMSearching for Beautiful by Jennifer ProbstRock Hard by Nalini SinghI Loved A Rogue by Katharine AsheNew Uses for Old Boyfriends by Beth Kendrick












Michelle’s Picks

Once in a Lifetime by Jill ShalvisBen was the perfect broody, loyal, sexy hero. I really liked Aubrey. She was feisty and funny and so vulnerable. I was a little surprised that Ben was the one who backed off when things got tough. I figured with her history, she would have been the one to push him away. I had to laugh out loud at Lucille being grounded from Facebook – a little dig at social media from the author who has had that happen to her several times. This book had the perfect amounts of humor, romance and emotion. Loved it!

Forged In Steele by Maya BanksSteele is the bomb. Maya Banks sure knows how to write a kick-ass hero that readers will fall in love with.  There aren’t many (if any) KGI books that I didn’t give 5 stars to, and this one is no exception.  I liked Maren, but even if I didn’t, Steele was enough to make this a fantastic read for me.

Full Contact by Sarah CastilleI’d already had a couple of five star reads this year but Full Contact topped them all.  I absolutely loved Sia and Ray. They seemed incredibly real to me (even though my world does not at all consist of tattoo artists and MMA fighters).  The chemistry between them was explosive. Sarah Castille knows how to write a steamy love scene, that’s for sure. Ray was alpha to the core, but could sweet talk and/or dirty talk her like nobody’s business.  Sometimes a book just works.  Sia and Ray were a perfect couple wrapped up in a sexy, exciting, emotional romance. If I could give this book ten stars I would.

It’s In His Kiss by Jill ShalvisI don’t know what I can say without sounding like a broken record. I love Jill Shalvis. I love Lucky Harbor. I loved Sam Brody. He was everything that was alpha and protective and grumpy and sexy. He needed someone like Becca to crash into his life and shake him from his routine. Becca needed someone like Sam to give her a steady, safe place to land. He protected her, he supported her, he charmed her, he needed her. He showed her he loved her in a hundred different ways.

Need You for Keeps by Marina AdairThis book was so refreshing! I had never read anything by Marina Adair before, but I can see a glom of her books in my future. I really loved Jonah and Shay. She was sweet and caring with just enough attitude to give Jonah sass. She was so scared of putting her heart on the line, even with someone as “safe” as him.  Jonah was a little uptight but so, so sexy. He teased and flirted like a champion, and when push came to shove, he wanted to do whatever he could to take care of Shay.

Beyond the Cut by Sarah CastilleThis book delves back into the world of outlaw bikers where loyalty is number one, and justice is served swiftly and mercilessly.  We first met the Sinners in Jagger and Arianne’s story, which I thoroughly enjoyed, but this book tops that one by a mile. I got about two thirds of the way through it when I was temped to go back and start over – it was that good. There’s something about these Sinners and the way they fall for their women.  A chance encounter brings Cade face to face with the woman he can’t forget and he is instantly drawn in. He wants to slay her dragons and lay the world at her feet (in biker speak, he wants to make her his “old lady” and kill anyone who has ever hurt her).  Dawn and Cade were so much fun, so emotionally invested in each other even though they tried not to be, and so incredibly HOT together. I never knew I had a thing for bikers.

Ride Steady by Kristen AshleyIn my opinion this is one of the best Kristen Ashley books (and that’s saying a lot because I’ve loved them all!). Joker and Carissa moved from background players (or unknown in her case) to one of my favorite couples in no time. What these two have overcome, and the way they did it together, was so romantic and emotional and sexually stimulating. Geez.  I loved loved loved this book from start to finish. I kept putting it down because I wanted it to last longer.  Joker & Carissa = 5 hell yes stars!

Still the One by Jill ShalvisI loved this book. I loved Darcy. She had me laughing out loud. AJ was so strong, so steady, always having her back and giving her what she needed, even when she didn’t want him to.  Five stars!

Golden Trail by Kristen AshleyI should just hang a “do not disturb” sign around my neck when I start reading a Kristen Ashley book. My house could fall down around me and I’d still be on my couch with my eyes glued to my Nook. Golden Trail sucked me in and I LOVED IT. In this book we got Layne’s point of view ALL.THE.TIME. And he was alpha but not a jerk, and from the minute Roc was back in his life, he took care of her.

Never Let You Go by Katy RegneryOh.My.God. I needed a vacation after reading this book. Seriously. If ever there was a book where two characters had to overcome obstacle after obstacle – and then even more obstacles – before getting their happy ever after, it’s this one. I almost hate to say that I loved this book, because it is such a tragic romance. It’s hard to think I could love a book where so many BAD things happen. But wow. Katy Regnery wrote such a beautiful love story.  Never Let You Go is a story of enduring love, full of emotion and angst. Oh, the angst. This book will stay with me for a long time.

Never Let You Go by Katy RegneryGolden Trail by Kristen AshleyStill The One by Jill ShalvisRide Steady by Kristen AshleyBeyond The Cut by Sarah CastilleNeed You For Keeps by Marina AdairIt's in his kiss by Jill ShalvisFull Contact by Sarah CastilleForged In Steele by Maya Banks



Once In A Lifetime by Jill Shalvis


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