Unlocking Her Boss’s Heart by Christy McKellen

Unlocking Her Boss's Heart by Christy McKellenAvailable: Now Amazon/B&N

Type: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Harlequin

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Pam

More than just a job! Cara Winstone is determined to bounce back from her last—disastrous—PA job, and working for Max Firebrace is exactly how she’s going to do it. Little does Cara know that walking into her brooding boss’s luxurious London town house also has her walking into his past…

Since losing his wife, Max doesn’t think he has any love left to give. But something in the warmth of Cara’s smile jump-starts Max’s heart again, making him wonder if he’s ready for a new happy-ever-after…with Cara by his side.

This is a heartfelt romance that I enjoyed immensely. I have read books from this author before and have enjoyed her voice and the characters she brings to life.

Cara Winstone needs a new job desperately; otherwise she must swallow her pride and move back home with her parents. They were so proud of her when she moved out and landed a prestigious Personal Assistant job, one she had to suddenly leave. When her cousin Poppy tells her about a friend who is starting up a business and needs some help, she jumps at the chance to continue her career. When she contacts him, he is surprised, but with persistence he agrees to a trial run. He likes what she can do for his business and they start to form a friendship as well as a professional relationship.

Max Firebrace’s new company is growing daily and as a workaholic he has thrown himself into his business working many hours. When his wife Jemima died 18 months ago, he died with her and the work helps him cope with his loss. When Cara invades his work space and his home it is unsettling and he gets angry at the disruption. However with her help he slowly starts living again and things begin to heat up when they spend more time together. When she reveals how she feels to him, he must decide whether to dwell in the past or take a chance on the future.

This is cute, the author mentions she enjoys the beauty and the beast trope (one of my favorites) and created Max as a beast, at least mentally as he continues to live in the past without moving on and growls when things are disturbed.

Cara is a sweet heroine; she is excited about life and is very positive in her outlook, something she works at because of an incident in her past. Her over enthusiastic look at life can be a bit much at times, especially when Max yells and she acts like nothing has happened, but she is truly an optimistic person. And she wants to help Max with his business and eventually with his personal life after he reveals his past.

Max is a grumpy, brooding hero, he has not moved on from the death of his wife, even keeping the room she used as a shrine and he does not want an assistant at first, but eventually realizes that she can help. When she starts getting close, he backs away and even lies about his plans, I laughed at his antics, calling up a friend (which he never does) to make arrangements to go out just to avoid having dinner with her at home.

The two have great chemistry and although he fights it to the end, she embraces it and tells him how she feels. This story centers around Max and Cara however there are a few secondary characters that make appearances but are not key. As a standalone, the pace works well and it is a fast read that has heart and warmth.

I give Unlocking Her Boss’s Heart by Christy McKellen 4 stars!

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