Renegade by Lisa Bingham (Taggart Brothers #2)

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Type: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Berkley

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Pam

The rugged and wild Taggart brothers know how to tame a restless beast, but a restless heart is a different matter… When tragedy struck, Jace Taggart stepped in to run the family business and care for his brothers, sacrificing his own happiness to ensure their well-being. But after the beautiful Bronte Cupacek moves to town, Jace realizes he can’t ignore the hunger inside him much longer.

However, the last thing Bronte needs is another man in her life. After the end of a painful marriage, she just wants to focus on her daughters. They need her now more than ever. Yet no matter how hard Bronte tries to stand on her own two feet, it’s hard to resist the handsome cowboy who keeps coming to her aid. Soon secrets from the past threaten everything dear to them. Only through embracing their undeniable connection can Jace and Bronte build a future together that no one can tear apart…

I am truly enjoying this series; this second book is entertaining, yet emotional, as the author takes us back to the small town of Bliss, Utah. These Taggart brothers are incredibly sexy and hard to ignore.

Jace Taggart is the second oldest of the brothers but takes it upon himself to care of the family, he was always the one taking home the hurt animal or the new kid in town. But when he was younger he got into a fight with his father about his choice of a career and left for two years to study art in Europe. He did not return home until his parents were killed in an accident that also left the youngest brother Barry mentally disabled, but again he took up the reins of protector and provider.

Bronte Cupacek left Boston in the middle of the night with her two young daughters, escaping an abusive husband who threatened the girls. She travels to Bliss, Utah to find her grandmother Annie, but when she gets to her destination, she learns that Annie fell down some stairs and is in the hospital. Uncertain of her next move she finds Jace on the doorstep coming to the rescue; it is just something he does.

They strike up a tentative friendship but it is quickly put on hold because of the fragile state of her kids so soon after the divorce, and Barry who takes it upon himself to protect her youngest daughter Lily. Yet the attraction is there and soon they are sneaking around to find areas they can be alone.

Yet another reason this author is going on my auto buy, she again pulled me into this amazing world where I experienced many emotions as these two families worked through their issues.

Bronte is a woman on the edge; she tried to help her ex-husband for many years, but the time came when things were just too dangerous to stay. She is experiencing an enormous amount of guilt and remorse, either she did not try hard enough or she stayed too long, either way we are riding the emotional wave with her. Kari, her oldest daughter is so angry and she takes it out on Bronte, which was hard to read, while Lily is too quiet and sinks into herself where only Barry can reach, a heartbreaking family drama.

Jace is the perfect beta hero, he takes care of everyone and he is so sweet about it, rarely thinks twice. I love how he is with Barry, a ten year old in a sixteen year old body, with Jace being so patient with him. He falls fast for Bronte but realizes she is going through too much to make more changes in her life and tries to gives her space.

I enjoyed re-visiting Bliss; it is small town America where the people embrace these newcomers. I loved seeing both Bodey and Elam again and look forward to Bodey’s story next. There are other secondary characters but they play small parts as the story takes place mainly on these two ranches with these two families. The pace works well; I read it quickly as the author kept me engaged until the end and although it is the second in the series, it can easily be read as a standalone, the author keeps all readers informed. There is some drama toward the end but it flows well with the story, the romance is both sweet and hot as the two find interesting places to be alone before they let everyone know they were more than just neighbors. Definitely an emotional romance with heart that I highly recommend.

I give Renegade by Lisa Bingham 4.25 stars!

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