The Master by Tara Sue Me (Submissive #7)

The Master by Tara Sue MeAvailable: Feb 02, 2016 Amazon/B&N

Type: Erotic Romance

Publisher: Berkley

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Nikki

She’s ready to try again. . . .
Sasha Blake is scarred from a BDSM session gone wrong, but she can’t deny how much a strong Master turns her on. Determined to overcome her fears and rejoin the Partners in Play community, she asks Abby and Nathaniel West to set her up with a Dom who can help her feel safe again as a sub. They know the very experienced Cole is exactly the kind of man who can push all of Sasha’s buttons—and she soon wants to go much faster than she had planned. . . .
Cole knows that Sasha is not the kind of submissive he needs. He wants someone who will serve him 24-7, not a part-time partner. Still, the further they go into their play, the more Cole begins to wish he could make Sasha his all the time. . . .
When forbidden desires turn into scorching action, Sasha and Cole come face-to-face with their demons—and realize their scorching relationship might be too dangerous to last. . . .

The Master is book seven in The Submissive series by Tara Sue Me and I think it may be my favorite that hasn’t focused on the main characters of Abby and Nathaniel. Sasha has been an interesting character to me since she first appeared.

Having suffered a horrific BDSM scene that left her scarred and afraid of the lifestyle, Sasha retreated from her deeply rooted needs in order to heal physically and emotionally. Now, nearly a year later, Sasha wants to reawaken her needs and reenter the scene but she needs retrained in order to do so. When her BDSM group suggests Cole be the one to teach her to trust again she instantly balks because of his reputation in the lifestyle of being a hard and unyielding Master.  Determined to reclaim her sense of stability Sasha embarks on a temporary agreement with Cole that quickly involves feelings and emotions that leaves Sasha with the realization that the only Master she needs is the one she can never have.

Cole knows he only has a limited time with Sasha yet he finds himself craving her in ways the fragile beauty is not ready to embrace. Treading lightly only results in heightening the arousal he feels whenever she’s around and soon it’s less about retraining and everything about needing her in his bed.

The Master is delightfully erotic and extremely entertaining! A one-sitting read is rare for me these days but once I picked this up I simply couldn’t put it down and I lost some precious sleep staying up late into the night. As a heroine Sasha was wonderful. Even with her new insecurities and fear of her beloved lifestyle she remained strong and determined to beat her own mind. Cole takes his time, going slow and easing her back into BDSM starting with her mind before her body. As she learns to trust him he pushes her further and further until she finds herself not fearing the submission she’d shied away from.

I really enjoyed the emotional connection these two shared and how Cole brought Sasha out of her shell with such skill. Cole never intended to feel such a connection and it scared him how she tested his tightly reigned and renowned control. After the ending of his previous long term M/s relationship of eight years Cole wasn’t sure entering into any relationship again would be a good idea. Yet the more time he spent with Sasha, the more he was rethinking that idea. He felt his needs might be too much for the blossoming Sasha to handle but the strength she displayed quickly made him rethink that idea and in learning that he started planning how to introduce her into a 24/7 Master/slave scenario.

I am eagerly awaiting the continuation of this series in the fall of 2016 where Sue Me again extends the story by opening up yet another world within the BDSM community she’s created. While I still love Abby and Nathaniel, the original hero/heroine of this world, I’m starting to crave the new characters stories she’s introducing. The Master is exceptionally written, emotionally charged and achingly erotic.

I give The Master by Tara Sue Me 5 stars!


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