Bad Moon Rising by Mina Carter

Bad Moon Rising by Mina CarterAvailable: Amazon 

Type: Paranormal Romance

Publisher: Kindle Worlds

My Copy: ARC – Sent

Reviewer: Nikki L

Tall, blond and handsome has been tailing her for months. But born a warlock and trained by a demon, Beth Roark isn’t a woman to be put off her game by a pretty face, not even when he almost catches her on her last job, the last job, the one that will fund her retirement from a life of crime. One soul-stealing kiss and she’s gone, but he’s not that easy to get rid of. And neither are the bully-boy wolves who first hired her to steal for them and now want her head on a platter. She’s mysterious, beautiful and a professional thief.

Werelion Alex Sullivan is the best at what he does, tracking people who don’t want to be found, but even with his skills, bringing in infamous antiquities thief ‘The Cat’ is proving to be somewhat difficult. She’s as good at not being caught as he is at catching people. When he gets the drop on her, he realizes why. She’s a magic user. And his mate. Just one problem, the people who own the artefact she just stole want it back… and her dead. He needs to find her before they do, or risk losing his mate before he can make her his…

Let me start this review with how much I enjoy Carter’s work as a whole. She has a knack for intricate but fun plots and characters that are engaging and interesting. This is a quick novella, part of the Kindle Worlds, and could be a great starting point if you want to delve into the Southern Shifter series.

I enjoy a good fated mates story, even with the insta-love that can turn off some readers, and as with most novellas in the shifter genre, that’s exactly what we get here. But it works for me and I enjoy the ride. Beth is one badass heroine, something Carter consistently delivers to her readers, and I prefer my heroines adept and not TSTL (too stupid to live). Beth is a warlock, and something more, but she’s one seriously strong magic user with enough fortitude and will to handle herself. I adored her.

Our hero Sully is a professional operative with a paranormal agency and he’s out to catch Beth as she’s an elusive cat burglar aptly nicknamed “The Cat”. Sully is an alpha lion shifter, big and large and dominant as all shifter men seem to be, and he’s had his sights on Beth for months.

When Sully finally closes in on Beth during a heist she binds him with her magic to escape, but can’t help taking a quick taste of his lips in a kiss. And Sully is hooked completely because he recognizes his mate.

This book offers plenty of action, some shady werewolves out to kill the heroine, and a quick glimpse into some of the other characters in the Southern Shifter series. Typically, I don’t like to lament the length of a novella, because I enjoy them, but Beth’s backstory was rich and complex and we could’ve easily enjoyed a full length story here.

But, that being said, I did enjoy this quick read immensely and would be happy to recommend it to any reader that enjoys paranormal romance with a shifter bent. There was a large focus on magic use, as our heroine is a warlock first and foremost, and I really enjoy that addition in what could have easily been a shifter centric storyline.

I give 4 stars to Mina Carter’s Bad Moon Rising and look forward to her next release.

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