The Deepest Well by Juliette Cross (Age of Gray #1)

The Deepest Well by Juliette CrossAvailable: Now Amazon/B&N

Type: Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy

Publisher: Samhain

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Nikki

Lady Katherine Blakely is married to a monster. On the same night she witnesses how low her husband can sink, she meets a charming stranger, a gentleman from top to toe. Yet even her gallant rescuer is possessed of a dark side.

Lord George Draconis Thornton, commander of the Dominus Daemonum, is on a mission to expel the demon prince Damas back to the underworld. But a golden-haired beauty derails his plans and stirs an attraction he’s never felt before, not even for his centuries-dead wife.

Discovering Lord Blakely is in league with Damas, George sweeps Katherine away from the chaos and devilry threatening her life. With every touch, their love grows by joyful leaps and bounds.

Sensing his enemy’s vulnerability, Damas kidnaps Katherine to his hellish lair, where he wages a sensual assault on her defenses. As George tears at heaven and earth to find her, he is painfully aware of only one way to save her soul. The cost will break her heart…and destroy his own.

Ugh. This book. I don’t even know how to express the gut wrenching awesomeness that it is. The Vessel Trilogy was one of my favorite urban fantasy series ever and the characters of George and Kat have intrigued me over the span of those three books. Their background was shrouded in guilt and secrets that neither of them seemed inclined to share.  Over the span of those three books I became invested in their struggle to engage with each other. It was obvious they had feelings for each other but Kat seemed to be determined to fight the attraction she felt. As readers we just didn’t know why…

The Deepest Well gives readers the story we’ve been craving. The story of Katherine and George, their origins and the reasons behind the doom they faced as a couple. Their story begins decades before The Vessel Trilogy in a time where the ton was the most important aspect in regal English life.

Katherine hides the painful secret of her horrible marriage to a man who had once fooled her and her ailing father, She longs for the love she once dreamed her life was capable of having. When she meets George at a lavish ball, she’s intrigued by him from the start. His gaze seems to zero in on the part of her no one else sees. The loneliness, the loss and the longing. Trying to be the proper lady she was brought up to be, she denies her growing feelings for him even as her husband turns colder than ever.

When she accidentally becomes a pawn in a demon war between George and the high lord Damas, George is determined to keep her safe even as his feelings continue to grow for her.  Just when happiness seems to be within their grasp she’s abducted and subjected to all kinds of sensual torture. Torture that leave her and George grasping for any of the passion they had once shared for so briefly a time.

Juliette Cross never ceases to amaze me with the depth of her craft. The Deepest Well is both horrifying and achingly sweet. George and Katherine was definitely meant for each other and that much is very clear. Now we know why Kat has been spurning his advances. Her guilt over the past and her inability to forgive George for not being able to save her.

I loved how this gave me the full breadth of Katherine and George’s story and the juxtaposition of the book at the end of The Vessel Trilogy and the beginning of this new series. It was weird in the beginning to see Katherine because up until that point I only knew her as the hard nosed, ass kicking, Kat. Katherine was softer, more sensual and would never think of wearing pants, let alone leather pants covered in weapons. Katherine was a proper lady of the ton, who against all her upbringing, was falling in love with a man who was not her husband. It was interesting to see the many ways in which she changed, mostly due to George and his influence.

I loved everything about this book and I simply can’t wait for the next installment which once again will be set in present day. The demon Dommiel who has wavered between good and evil for quite some time over the course of both series will be the newest “hero”. The Deepest Well is a book you won’t soon forget, beautifully written and expertly executed, I want to start reading it all over again tomorrow!

I give The Deepest Well by Juliette Cross 5 stars!

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