Revealed To Him by Jen Frederick (Kerr Chronicles #3)

Revealed To Him by Jen FrederickAvailable: Now Amazon/B&N

Type: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Montlake

My Copy: NetGalley

Reviewer: Nikki

Handsome and tough Jake Tanner, a veteran and the owner of a successful security firm, never lets his past hold him back. Despite his prosthetic hand and foot, women swoon over him—and with him between the sheets. Yet Jake feels bored and restless…until he’s hired to protect a beautiful writer whose life is in terrible danger.

Self-imprisoned by the fear of the anonymous stalkers who threaten her life, video-game writer Natalie Beck now only dreams of the world outside her pink-bedecked apartment. Trusting people again is off-limits. But the more time Jake spends with her, the more his professional commitment evolves from simple duty to scorching desire. While deeply sensual sparks ignite between the two, the danger outside circles closer. Will Jake’s intense devotion be enough to save Natalie? Or will she turn away from the one man willing to do anything to save her?

Revealed To Him is an unconventional romance from the start. Our heroine, Natalie is a severe agoraphobic who has imprisoned herself in her apartment after an attack several years ago left her with debilitating panic attacks when going outside the safety of her apartment or meeting new people. Her cousin hires Jake, a security firm owner, to personally find out who has decided to start sending threatening notes again after several years and setting her wellness back once again.

Since Natalie has a hard time talking, seeing or interacting with new people her relationship with Jake starts slowly and builds without them ever seeing each other until about half way through the book. Instead they converse on the phone and via text. Jake falls in love with her as a person, without ever even seeing her. I liked that aspect, because the mental picture Natalie had built up in her head that was Jake was so wrong it was laughable. She was thinking Al from Home Improvement when in reality he was Ryan Reynolds sans a hand and foot. Their phone sex was hot, made even hotter by the fact that while it was happening there was only a pane of glass and some curtains separating the two.

I guess I liked Natalie as a heroine because I identify with her a bit. Suffering from panic attacks is something I know a thing or two about, and I understand the amount of strength is takes to overcome just one episode, let alone trying to beat them entirely. I have to give her credit for being able to work through some of her issues and allow Jake to enter her life and for her to give her trust to him. I loved Jake’s protective streak and the way he was determined to help her at any cost. Sure, he was strong too, he’d have to be in order to become accustomed to living life without a hand or a foot, but he managed to do that AND grow his business. Both of them were much stronger than the people in their lives seemed to give them credit for.

The book is fairly predictable, I pegged the badies right from the beginning. Having said that, I still thoroughly enjoyed Revealed To Him and will be eagerly awaiting what is sure to be the next book – Sabrina and Kaga. Sabrina, being very young and Kaga’s life which is shrouded in secrecy, should be an interesting read.

I give Revealed To Him by Jen Frederick 4 stars!  

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