Kendrick by A.D. Ellis (Torey Hope: The Later Years)

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Type: Contemporary Romance/ New Adult

Publisher: Self Pub – A.D. Ellis Publishing

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Reviewer: Liz

Spunky and independent, Jay Keller only wants to have fun, having long ago decided that love is reserved for people living fairy tale lives.

Kendrick Jordan is a sarcastic, inappropriate smartass whose sense of humor, intense love of family, and serial dating habits enable him to mask his painful past.

Through a chance encounter, Jay gives Kendrick a chance to satisfy his curiosity with no strings attached. But when Kendrick’s past catches up with him and Jay is dealt a life-altering blow, they find themselves turning to each other for support.

After a traumatic accident threatens their new-found love, Jay and Kendrick must decide if their relationship is worth the terrifying and painful journey they now face.

**Kendrick and Jay’s story is meant for ages 18+ due to adult themes, language, and situations. Sensitive readers should be warned of possible triggers in the storyline.**

I have found in both The Torey Hope and Torey Hope: The Later Years series, that A.D. Ellis gives us stories of survival, hope, family, and love. In Kendrick: Torey Hope, The Later Years, she piles it all on in a story that grabs you and clenches your heart until the very end.

We pick up with Kendrick having run away from life as his past has finally caught up to him. He is hiding away and having fun living it up as only Kendrick can. Going from one girl to the next without thought or care. In the previous books we came to love Kendrick and his smart mouth and jokester ways, but we also came to see he has been deeply troubled. And he has reached a point where he is no longer able to run away from what has plagued him for years.

I found Kendrick heartbreaking in this book. The depth of his pain was transparent in every word you read and just broke my heart. We see him fall to depths that challenged him and reach points where I thought he may not make it.

Then Kendrick meets Jay Keller in the most unexpected way. It was supposed to be a fun, no strings attached hookup and no more. But the more time Kendrick spends with Jay, the more he is drawn to her and wants her for himself.

As we get to know Jay, we come to see she may be more broken than Kendrick. She is afraid to open up, live life and find love. Love is fairy tales that happen to others, not people like her. She is unlovable and unwanted. Then life throws her a life-changing curveball.

Jay, though broken and lost, was a very strong heroine. She knew what she wanted and always pushed for what she wanted. I loved this about her. Even as she begins to open up to Kendrick and his family, she guarded her heart fiercely.

I loved seeing the interaction between these two. Jay trying to keep Kendrick at arm’s length and Kendrick fighting to keep her in his life without scaring away. It was so much fun watching these two face off and come together time and time again.

Once we learn what has plagued him for years, we realize how much pain and loss Kendrick was dealt with. But in true fashion of this series, The Morgan’s, Decker’s, Jordan’s and Martin’s pull together and stand by Kendrick. We would expect nothing less from this bunch.

As the story progresses and we see Kendrick and Jay trying to move forward, another curveball is thrown at them that may just tear them apart. Will they survive? Will everything be lost over choices made? It’s so worth reading this story to find out.

It was great to see a story that deals with such issues in true life fashion and how a family who loves each other so strongly stands together no matter what. This is what A.D. Ellis gives us with this series. Though each series, The Torey Hope and Torey Hope: The Later Years could be read on their own, it is so worth reading them in order to experience how this family came to be.

Kendrick: Torey Hope, The Later Years was a great end to this series. The struggles were heartbreaking, but seeing how family and loved ones can come together and stand by you, lifted your spirit and heart.

Definitely worth the read and I would highly recommend both series.

I give Kendrick: Torey Hope, The Later Years by A.D. Ellis 4 stars!

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