A Covert Affair by Katie Reus (Deadly Ops #5)

A Covert Affair by Katie ReusAvailable: Now Amazon/B&N

Type: Romantic Suspense

Publisher: Signet

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Pam

After being wounded in action, NSA agent Nathan Ortiz comes home to Miami, eager to return to duty. But he doesn’t expect his newest mission to lead him straight to the one woman he loved, lost, and has never gotten over.

A beautiful, successful restaurateur, Amelia Rios enjoys giving back to her community, especially to struggling women. Then a woman she recently hired stops showing up for work, and, unfortunately, she isn’t the first to go missing. Soon Amelia finds herself thrust into a shadowy, dark world, working side by side with Nathan, the only man she’s ever loved. They must confront old feelings as they battle a ruthless enemy preying on the poor and weak. The heat simmering between Nathan and Amelia could mean a second chance for them—but first they have to survive.

This is another thrilling romantic suspense in the Deadly Ops series. I have enjoyed each book, filled with danger and romance as we meet these enterprising heroes and heroines working under extraordinary circumstances.

Nathan Ortiz works for NSA, usually undercover wherever Wesley Burkhart, the director needs him most. Recently he was injured, but is now ready to be assigned a new mission. When Wesley is asked by a friend to look into a missing woman incident in Miami, they find out that almost fifty women have gone missing without a trace in the area, all with similar circumstances. Ortiz sets out to befriend a suspect named Mercado, however when he meets him, his whole world is rocked by a woman from his past.

Amelia Rios owns two restaurants in the Miami area; she is usually so busy that she has put her love life on hold, but she decided to accept a persistent man’s offer for a date, she needs a change. But beware of what you wish for because while she is with Mercado, she sees someone she has not seen in twelve years, and change is the least of her problems. She is shocked to see Ortiz again especially since he is using a different name, and before she can blink she is involved in a dangerous situation concerning missing women, where several of them worked at her restaurants.

Nathan and Amelia have history; they grew up together in the same neighborhood and were in love. But something happened and she left without a word to Nathan. Now they have a second chance, but must thwart the danger they find themselves in first.

This starts out fast and does not let up until the end. The relationship between Nathan and Amelia is sweet and never feels forced. I enjoyed watching them find each other and rekindling the feelings that never really went away and the two together are explosive, sharing scenes that light up the night.

Amelia has been hurting for years, feeling guilty for something she did not cause. When she sees Nathan again, all those emotion comes forward and she is both happy and nervous about talking to him. She knows she will have to tell him why she left all those years ago but she is scared, and when she finally does, he reacts truthfully, she needs to give him time to process and there are some dicey moments between them before they figure it all out. I like her heart; she is willing to jump at the chance to help find women who are missing by putting herself in danger without much thought. She knows that the team will be close by, but it is still risky. Of course this also gives her much needed time with Nathan, to close the distance between them.

Nathan is the perfect hero, former military and now working black ops jobs for Wesley. He is so surprised when he sees Amelia again, so hopeful and I love that his feelings also rush back to him. He is angry when she finally tells him the reason she left, but the danger ramps up and time is running out to find the killer, he realizes they were both different people years ago, both too young and vulnerable to fight for each other but now it is important to get it right.

The pace of the story is fast and several twists and turns kept me in the dark about the villain until the end. This is book five in the series but it can easily be read as a standalone, the author introduces previous characters and the reader does not miss a beat. That being said, all of these books are fun and exciting and I enjoyed seeing several previous characters in many scenes helping with the current situation, of course there is also Wesley, an interesting person on his own, always hovering in the shadows; I bet his story would be fascinating. This book satisfies on all levels for those that love a romantic suspense with thrills and heart.

I give A Covert Affair by Katie Reus 4.25 stars!

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