All my love to the newlyweds….


Yesterday I went to a good friends wedding. Upon hearing of the impending union I got a little worried. They are Catholic you see, and those weddings can get quite long. When you have a full Catholic ceremony we are talking an hour and a half or more. For those of us that aren’t Catholic it becomes a chance to study the architecture, count the statues and stare aimlessly at the person’s head in front of you. They sing songs and recite prayers that apparently are ingrained at birth because I have never heard them…except at other Catholic weddings. However, my friend, being an awesome person, took pity on those of us who weren’t Catholic and had the shortened version . So I think it was about as long as any other non-Catholic wedding I have ever been to. She looked radiant, of course. Her gown hugged her small frame in all the right places and it dazzled when she walked. It was honestly one of the prettiest gowns I had ever seen. The bodice was strapless and as white as a cloud on a sunny day. The train wasn’t overly long but flowed behind her making little rustling sounds as she moved slowly down the aisle. The groom awaited her at the end with a look of sheer joy, ok, and maybe slight terror. The bridesmaids were beautiful in their dark blue gowns. All tailored in the same color but slightly different cuts for each girl. When they read their vows I about lost it when the groom got choked up. I was totally fine until that point. I cry extremely easily though and as soon as he stumbled I felt the tears well up. He pulled himself together enough to finish and I pulled myself together in the third row. After a bunch of prayers I had never heard of (remember, not Catholic) the priest announced them as man and wife. My friend was now a Mrs. It seems surreal.

The ceremony was at 2 but the reception didn’t start until 5. So a friend I hadn’t seen in a while followed me back to me house to relax a bit before heading back out to the party. It was so good to catch up with him, especially since he will be moving to D.C in the next few months. We ended up getting to the reception a bit late but arriving well in time for all the festivities. Dinner was magnificent. Juicy chicken, pasta, veggies and the best buttery potatoes my mouth has ever encountered. Seriously, they were that good. No joke.Can you tell I’ve been on a diet for MONTHS?

Once the music started was when the party began. I made friends with the bartender quickly. She had my drink of choice ready before I even walked up to the bar each time. The bride, groom, a bunch of the brides friends and some of the bridesmaids did the actual Thriller dance, which was pure awesomeness. I have to say though, the groom stole that show. I never expected him to move as well as he did. I went to this wedding expecting some kind of crazy dance down the aisle or reception dance and I was not disappointed. The bride and groom are so like those couples you see on the YouTube videos. I got out on the floor a little later on and busted a move to some old school hip hop. I even ended up in the middle of the groom and the bride’s brother towards the end of the night after they were good and drunk. I’m sure pictures will surface eventually. They always do.

On my way home last night I thought back on my friendship with the bride. How we met at work about eleven years ago. We were a close-knit group. Two of the bridemaids also worked there with us. Now we are all grown up. Married, some of us have kids (I started that train with the boy 8 yrs ago and was completely alone in that endeavour until about a year ago) and we are women now. It seems like another lifetime ago. The carefree days when the only thing that mattered was if we had the newest jeans or where we were going for lunch that day. As she starts this journey with her groom I wish them nothing but love and happiness. These two were made for each other. The love they share will only continue to grow as the years pass them by. I hope when they celebrate their ten-year anniversary I am front and center giving them congratulatory hugs. May God bless them even more with every passing day. CONGRATULATIONS to Stacey and Matt, I love you both!

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  1. Thank you for your kind words. Matt and I really wanted everyone to enjoy the day as much as we did. I’m so happy you were with us. We had an awesome time.

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