Rock Steady by Dawn Ryder (Rock Band #2)

Rock Steady by Dawn RyderAvailable: June 7, 2016 Amazon/B&N

Type: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Sourcebooks

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Kim

He kept it casual

Superstar guitarist Ramsey’s reputation as a bad-boy rocker is exceeded only by his dedication to his music. He’s worked hard for the success of his hit metal band Toxsin, and he intends to enjoy it-completely. When a jilted groupie gets back at him for a one-night stand with an intimate-and completely inappropriate-tattoo, he needs it fixed, and fast. Sparks fly between Ramsey and his new tattoo artist, and Ramsey finds himself hoping for more than new ink.

Until she made him want more

When a high-profile tattoo job lands Jewel an invite on Toxsin’s latest tour, she can’t say no. It’ll be great exposure, after all. What she’s really worried about is ruining the gig by hooking up with the first guy to completely rock her world. She knows she should resist-Ramsey’s not the kind to stick around for a morning after. But the way he makes her feel-as an artist and a woman-could be worth any risk.

I have started to read the Rock Band series but honestly, I did not even finish the first book as I just could not get into the story. In my opinion, this book was OK. This is the second book in the series and truthfully, I had to push myself to finish this book. I don’t think I will continue the series. It seemed to be the standard rock star who thinks he’s entitled, finds the woman he wants, does something stupid, she runs away, and he realizes he needs to make some changes. Ramsey is God’s gift to women. He got drunk, shockingly, and a groupie had a tattoo of cherry blossoms put on him for revenge. To me, this just sounds absurd and apparently the rest of the band thinks so too. They go to get that tattoo covered up and this is where we meet Jewel.

Jewel graduated college with a marketing degree but she loves art and is working in a tattoo shop. She helps Ramsey cover up his tattoo and ends up losing her job the very next day for tattooing a celebrity. For some odd reason, Ramsey is there when this all goes down and offers Jewel to go out on tour for 4 weeks to finish all the add-ons to the tattoo.

I really was not a fan of these two characters. Ramsey was hot, then cold and also very demanding of Jewel. I did like Jewel’s passion for her work but other than that, I did not feel there was anything more to her. Jewel was a virgin and held on to her virginity with all she had and then it was just given up without a word. It was kind of awkward. I just felt as though at points the story was a little all over the place.

Even though I was not a fan of this book, I think I am going to try some of Ms. Ryder’s other books to see if I like those instead of this series.

I give Rock Steady by Dawn Ryder 3 stars!

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