Need You For Mine by Marina Adair (Heroes of St. Helena #3)

Need You For Mine by Marina AdairAvailable: Now Amazon/B&N

Type: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Montlake

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Michelle

Every red-blooded male in St. Helena wants Harper Owens…as a friend. Despite her efforts at seduction, Harper seems to be destined to end up alone. The only guy with a knack for unleashing her inner vixen is firefighter and resident rule-breaker Adam Baudouin. Agreeing to a faux-mance could help him secure a promotion—and save her family’s lingerie shop, the Boulder Holder. But playing with fire has consequences. Especially when the flame comes courtesy of St. Helena’s own Five-Alarm Casanova…

None of Adam’s quick-and-easy hookups have prepared him for a connection this extraordinary. There’s more to the milk-and-cookies art teacher that he’d love to explore. But first he has to convince her to trust the town’s most notorious playboy. Even tougher—he’ll have to trust himself to be the real-life hero this warm and sexy woman deserves.

Marina Adair is quickly moving up my auto-read list of authors. The first book in this series blew me away with its touching romance and witty dialogue. Need You for Mine follows that same pattern – and it works so well. This book was a fun, easy read with the small-town feel other authors try to capture and can’t quite get it right.

Adam Baudouin is St. Helena’s resident ladies man. The strong, handsome as sin firefighter has earned his reputation as Five-Alarm Casanova by working his way through the female population with no strings attached. Even though he has watched his two brothers bite the bachelor bullet and fall in love, Adam has no plans to do anything but keep looking for a good time. All of that changes when he locks lips with the town’s good girl Harper Owens.

Harper is the girl everyone loves to have around. She’s funny and quirky and her optimistic nature is contagious. She makes everyone feel good just by being around them. What she doesn’t do is make men fall at her feet. She isn’t the type to inspire lust in men, much to her dismay. She enjoys her job, cherishes her relationship with her grandmother and loves being everyone’s friend, but she longs for the sexy true love happy ending her two best friends have found.

Adam was nowhere on Harper’s radar as someone she would become involved with. He’s known for his easy way with women and his aversion to being tied down. When a chance encounter in her grandmother’s lingerie shop ends with them locking lips and revealing an attraction neither of them anticipated, Harper’s world is turned upside down. Can she, a children’s art teacher who wears funky clothes and wouldn’t know how to be sexy if it bit her, keep the attention of a playboy like Adam?

For his part, Adam has no intention of falling for Harper. Even though he slowly begins to see there is so much more to the girl next door than even she knows, he doesn’t quite know what to do with her. The more he learns about her, the more he wants her, but he doesn’t know how to do more than a temporary fling. When they decide to pretend to be boyfriend and girlfriend – both to help save her grandmother’s shop and to help him secure a promotion – they begin to realize how strongly they feel for each other.

I’ve read a lot of books where the small-town playboy and the good girl fall in love, but not every author can get it right. Marina Adair does. Her books have a warmth and a realistic feel that is hard to capture over and over again. She makes me want to live in St. Helena and find a Baudouin of my own.

I give Need You For Mine by Marina Adair 4 stars!

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