Losing You by Ryleigh Andrews (Stars on Fire #4)

Losing You by Ryleigh AndrewsAvailable: April 6, 2016 Amazon

Type: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Self

My copy: Sent 

Reviewer: Liz

When you hit the bottom, you have two choices:

Succumb to the darkness or claw your way back to the light

Staying will be the end of friendships, love and possibly your life

If you choose to fight, be prepared to falter along the way. Everything will be different. Even you.

Especially you.

Ryleigh Andrews knows how to break your heart. And then tear it to pieces. And stomp on it. Her stories are full of angst and as readers, we can’t get enough. Fair warning, but oh so worth the read.

In Losing you, we get Tom, Marc and Lizzie. Lizzie and Tom have been friends since high school and inseparable. Able to share everything and anything. But Lizzie always knew she wanted something different than what her hometown offered. After high school, she used college to escape. After eight years away, all she wanted was home. During this time, as it sometimes happens, Tom and Lizzie drifted apart, but never completely away from each other.

Back home, Tom continued with his life and made new friends. Life was good and his friends made it all the better. Everyone loved fun loving Tom. The life of the party, but all he wanted was the girl he has loved for years but has always been one step away. But now he has his two best friends by his side.

Marc and Tom have known each other for a while through a new group of friends and have become the best of friends. They depend on each other and are always there for each other. Marc needs his friend, as he battles his demons. But the demons do not stay away and how he deals with them may just tear him apart and those who love him.

Now all three of their lives are about to collide. I can’t say more without giving the story away and you just need to read this to experience their journey.

I loved these characters. Each and every one of them. Lizzie was strong, independent and easily likable. She knew what she wanted and just went for it. Tom was easy going, fun loving and the best of best friends. Marc was troubled, hurting and looking for something he was missing. Together these friends will experience love, heartbreak and choices that may tear them apart.

What I loved about this story was the interactions between all the characters, including secondary ones. They are all friends who truly enjoy each other’s company and are always there for each other. This was a story with more than just a romance, but of the choices we make and how that affects not only you, but those around you.

I want to note here this is a standalone in the Stars On Fire series. Ethan and Mia’s story, books 1-3 of the series, introduces us to some of these characters in different capacities, but you do not have to read them first to read this book, however, they are amazing books and should be read, well, because they are a great read as well.

I give Losing You by Ryleigh Andrews 4 stars!

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