After Party Affair by Isabel Raven (At Full Tilt #1)

After Party Affair by Isabel RavenAvailable: Now Amazon/B&N

Type: Erotic Romance

Publisher: Totally Bound Publishing

My copy: Sent 

Reviewer: Liz

A vengeful seduction leads Becky Smithton to an unforgettable night of forbidden passion.

Nineteen-year-old Becky Smithton never imagined she’d be invited to her friend Lorna’s birthday bash only to be humiliated. After the party is over, Becky finds herself seething with fury, wandering outside and itching for revenge. But what can she do to get back at Lorna and her snobbish mother? A walk through the woods and a chance encounter with Lorna’s bodilicious father, Grant, presents the perfect opportunity.

Seducing the dark, handsome—and forbidden—thirty-six-year-old should be easy, right? But Grant is made of stronger stuff than other men and soon it’s Becky who’s struggling with frustrated desire. What’s more, her heart is doing funny things and so is her mind, filling her with sudden what-the-hell? Pregnancy fantasies involving Grant. As for her body, well, it’s naked and wet, and all she wants is for Grant to dive into the swimming pool and give her what she craves—shallow and deep. After all, if her seduction succeeds then their tryst would only be a meaningless, after party affair…


This is a novella introducing Becky Smithton. Becky is nineteen and has been best friends with Lorna for some time. She has been helping Lorna by tutoring her to help her get into the college of her choice.

At Lorna’s birthday party, after being humiliated, Becky realizes Lorna and her mother have been using her and looking down their noses at her. Hurt and devastated, because though Becky is not rich like Lorna, she thought they were really friends, Becky finds herself strolling the grounds of the estate thinking of ways to get revenge on Lorna and her mother.

During her stroll, she comes upon Grant, Lorna’s father, and decides seducing him is all the revenge she needs. She has been fantasizing about him for a long time and what would it hurt if she slept with him if he was willing. Trouble is, Grant is not that kind of man.

When Becky decides to go all in with her seduction plan, can she break Grant? And if she does, can she just walk away?

This is a quick, fun, and very erotic read. The scenes between Grant and Becky are hot and steamy. Though this is a novella, it gives you the background to invest in future books, which you see coming at the end.

Definitely worth the read, though it does push the limits of what is right and wrong, but I, for one, will look forward to the next book.

I give After Party Affair by Isabel Raven 3.5 stars!

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