Burnout by Sarah Castille (Legal Heat #2.5)

Burnout by Sarah CastilleAvailable: Now Amazon/B&N

Type: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Self

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Nikki

She vowed to uphold the law.
He’s determined to break it.
Together, they just might bend the rules.

Rookie cop, Sophie Nichols, knows the dangers of a one-night stand with a sexy stranger. Unable to resist the pull of cocky, badass biker, Ace Logan, she indulges in one steamy night of raw, unbridled passion.

At least, that was the plan…

As the new sergeant-at-arms for the Rogue Riders MC, Ace doesn’t need complications in his life—especially a curvy, captivating cop with a kick-ass attitude who has the power to wreak havoc on his club. So why can’t he stay away?

When Sophie’s brother is kidnapped by a ruthless criminal gang, Ace might be her only hope to find him. But once he has the rookie in his arms, he’ll never let her go. Now, Sophie must make a choice: break the law or break her heart?

Sarah Castille knows how to suck a reader into the world of the outlaw biker club like nobody’s business. Even though this was a short read, she still managed to capture the dark, violent, often crude but sexy badass biker in his element. Despite that, I wasn’t completely engrossed in this story. I wanted to love it like I’ve loved all of her books that I’ve read, but I just didn’t connect with Ace and Sophie as much as I’d like to.

Sophie Nichols is trying to start over – new town, new job, new perspective on men. Left reeling from her ex-husband’s betrayal and subsequent attack, she contacts her brother for help. A rookie cop in a new city has no business letting herself be distracted by an outlaw biker, no matter how big, bad and sexy he is, but that’s exactly what happens. Ace Logan shouldn’t even be on her radar, but after crossing paths at a party, he’s not only on her radar but soon in her bed.

Ace Logan, veteran biker and sergeant-at-arms, is committed to only one thing – the brotherhood he’s found with his fellow Rough Riders. The product of a violent father and abusive foster homes, he has never had permanence anywhere with anyone other than the club. He’s discovered a home with the Rough Riders and he would do anything for the club – except ignore his attraction to the sexy little cop. Sophie catches his eye and he never looks back, despite the two very different paths their lives are on.

The suspense part of this book brought Sophie and Ace together, but it definitely takes a back seat to the budding romance between the two of them. While the storyline may have lacked some depth and the bad guys were taken care of a little too easily, Ace and Sophie together were HOT! Ace was a sinfully sexy dirty talker who liked sex a lot (and a lot of it!). Sophie knew Ace was bad news for her, but he was everything she never knew she wanted. While she insists over and over again that she only wants a temporary fling with him, Ace becomes determined to win her over and finally find the home and family he’s always longed for. I was a little surprised with the direction the author took to merge two very different lifestyles, but in the end it worked out for the best for both of them.

I give Burnout by Sarah Castille 3.5 stars!

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