One Night With the CEO by Mia Sosa (The Suits Undone #2)

One Night With the CEO by Mia SosaAvailable: Now Amazon/B&N

Type: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Forever Yours

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Kim

After some disappointing dates, Karen Ramirez has concluded that great sex is for other people. Especially since medical school won’t leave her much time for romance anyway. Then she runs into tall, dark, charming, and ridiculously wealthy Mark Lansing–and quickly reconsiders celibacy. Adding to temptation? Mark will be the best man at her sister’s wedding and the nuptial destination is sultry Puerto Rico. Now this trip might just be sensory overload–or the perfect chance for Karen to find the groove she’s never had.

For CEO Mark Lansing, his perfect match would be smart, sweet, and funny, with long legs and silky hair the color of dark chocolate. In short, someone a lot like Karen. But Mark’s looking to settle down, while a relationship is the last thing on Karen’s mind. So Mark proposes a plan: he and Karen will use their weekend in paradise to sizzling advantage–before downshifting to friendship. The only problem? Karen is all Mark can think of when he gets home. Now his most challenging negotiation will be for the one thing money can’t buy.

I enjoy a good CEO book. You know as well as I do that there are MANY to choose from. What puts this book out front for me was the story of Karen Ramirez. She is just a good, hard working woman. There is no drama attached to her character which is refreshing to read. I love that!! She is focused on what she wants and is just looking for the no strings attached kind of relationship (you know how well that works out).

Mark Lansing, charming CEO who just seems so very yummy! He runs into Karen at a night club where she divulges her fantasies to him not knowing he is the best friend of her soon to be brother in law. Mark realizes instantly he needs to stay as far away as possible from Karen, because of the age difference, but being in such close proximity of her while dealing with the wedding will be the death of him.

Mark is not portrayed as the stubborn, rude CEO that is in most books. He just seems so damn nice, there is no way that you cannot not like him. Karen is just WOW. She is bold and knows exactly what she wants and will not compromise. Mark and Karen decide to just take things slow and be friends but it does not last long! The desire from these two is just sizzling!

I thoroughly enjoyed book #2 in this series and will be going back to read the first book also. Mia Sosa is a talented writer who brought this story to life with these amazing characters! I am hoping for a book about Mimi as I thought she was an excellent supporting character. This is a story I will definitely read again and again! I will be adding Mia Sosa to my TBR list!

I give One Night with the CEO by Mia Sosa 4 stars!

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