Panther’s Claim by Eve Langlais (Bitten Point #2)

Panther's Claim by Eve LanglaisAvailable: Now Amazon/B&N

Type: Paranormal Romance

Publisher: Self

My Copy: Bought

Reviewer: Nikki

Cynthia: So I met a man.
Mom: Is he single?

Hitting on the wrong woman finds Daryl regaining consciousness in a motel taped to a chair. Things were looking up–and not just below the belt.

A sexy, cocoa-complexioned veterinarian–with killer curves–wants answers, and he’s only too happy to give them to her, for a price, say a kiss, or something more, from those luscious lips. The problem is Cynthia isn’t the type to fall for flirty words and panty-dropping smiles. She tempts Daryl into helping her. Teases him into acting. Claims his heart without even trying.

But that was okay because…She’s mine…and someone was trying to hurt her.

Hell no.

This kitty isn’t afraid to unleash his claws and rescue the woman he wants. An intriguing, hot woman, a mystery, and danger? Sounds like fun, and Daryl is ready to play. He’ll do anything to claim Cynthia as his mate.

Quirky, cute and often funny, Eve Langlais has given readers yet another paranormal romance that’s a winner! Panther’s Claim takes us back to Bitten Point, a shifter town where the few humans living there have no clue who their neighbors truly are.

Daryl finds himself in a very intriguing position when he wakes tied to a chair with the sexy woman from the bar last night standing over him. Demanding answers on her missing best friend, Cynthia is determined to get the answers she seeks, even if her captive is the most delicious thing she’s ever seen.

Cynthia was an interesting heroine because she spent the entire book trying NOT to shift to her animal form. She kept saying something was wrong with her in that form so I kept imagining awful things. When circumstances finally forced her to shift towards the end of the book the result was much less horrifying than anything I was mentally picturing. In fact I found her freaking out a bit over the top. Other than that little snafu, I found her to be a daring and hilarious character. She had no qualms saying what she was thinking to whoever she may have been talking to.

Always one for a good alpha male, Daryl kept me entertained the entire book. He may have had trouble saying aloud what his inner beastie was thinking but his actions definitely screamed “protective male”. His Latin flavor was a spicy addition when coupled with Cynthia’s cocoa skin beauty.

The ongoing story arc of the shady company that may or may not be making their own f’d up shifter combos made some pretty good leeway in Panther’s Claim. Enough information came to light to keep me satisfied and feeling like the story wasn’t becoming stagnant in order to push more books into the series, which I sometimes feel in these paranormal books. Langlais manages to keep the story going while introducing characters who I am sure will be getting their own stories eventually. In fact, the next books is Constantine’s, who is a snake shifter, and I never thought I’d look forward to one of those. But I totally am.

Quirky and fun to read, Panther’s Claim will indulge your shifter fantasies!

I give Panther’s Claim by Eve Langlais 4 stars!

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