Holiday Affair by Isabel Raven (At Full Tilt #2)

Holiday Affair by Isobel RavenAvailable: June 7, 2016 Amazon/B&N

Type: Erotic Romance

Publisher: Totally Bound Publishing

My copy: Sent

Reviewer: Liz

A night out at a Greek nightclub turns into an exploration of secret kinks—in public and in private.

Exploring secret kinks during a night of illicit passion with Grant Halston is something Becky Smithton will never forget. She wants more, and where better to get hot and heavy with her forbidden lover than on her working holiday in Greece? But Grant shows no sign of succumbing to Becky’s attempts at seduction, and the arrival of his dark and handsome younger brother, Craig, catapults her libido into dangerous new territory.

A night out alone at hedonistic beachfront club Bruce’s Bordello is exactly what Becky needs to forget both Halston brothers—or so she thinks. But the dark and furious man suddenly breathing down her neck isn’t the Greek god Becky flirted with at the bar. It’s Grant, and he’s hell-bent on taking her back to the villa. But will he dance with her first? Becky won’t take no for an answer. After all, it’s just dancing… Isn’t it?

This novella follows Becky Smithton to the holiday Grant convinced her to attend with his family to continue to tutor his daughter Lorna, and working for him, to make up for asking her to quit her summer job to follow them. In book 1, After Party Affair, Grant had given in to one night with Becky, but he told her no repeats would ever happen. He is a married man and would not leave his wife.

Now Becky find herself feeling guilty, but also longing for Grant and frustrated. Grant’s indifference to her and their one night together rankles her to no end. She tells herself she is not in love, she remembers what being in love is and this is not it. Her feelings for him are different, dark and hungry, but she knows she cannot have him.

But why can’t they enjoy each other anyway? It’s not like she is asking him to leave Kate. She just wants to continue to enjoy him as well. But he is firm. To make matters worse, Grant’s younger, single brother joins them on holiday. Though her thoughts are filled with Grant, Craig sneaks in at unexpected times as well. How is she to handle all her sexual frustrations?

Though some may find Becky young and selfish, she is young and selfish, sometimes it’s just about what you want and need, not about what is right. Not condoning, just enjoying a taboo book. She enjoyed her time with Grant and would love a repeat. Her young mind says she does not care if he is married, but with the choice of having him or giving him up, knowing he is not leaving his wife, she makes the choice that works for her. And she wants him, though he no longer wants her, or so it seems.

Frustrated and horny, Becky finds herself making a choice. That choice is a night out for Lorna and her. Not caring how Grant feels about the two of them going out and having fun, they decide to forget it all and enjoy themselves. And that is exactly what she needs.

Grant is strong, smart and sexy. He has always been loyal to his family, but something in Becky makes him break all the rules. He is determined not to break them again.

But circumstances find Grant at the very Bordello he forbade the girls to attend. Can he stay away from all he wants but can’t have? Or will he give in to his carnal desires?

This is a taboo read, but also fun, sexy and full of the forbidden. A great quick read for sure.

I give Holiday Affair by Isabel Raven 3.5 hot-steamy stars.

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