Hottest Mess by J. Kenner (S.I.N. #2)

Hottest Mess by J. KennerAvailable: July 12, 2016 Amazon/B&N

Type: Erotic Romance

Publisher: Bantam 

My Copy: NetGalley

Reviewer: Nikki

No one can know about our love—and hiding only makes it hotter.

Dallas Sykes has a reputation. He is known for his parties, his money, and the countless women on his arm. Yet the Dallas I know is a different man—darker, smarter, and unbearably sexy. Just one look from him can leave me breathless; the anticipation of his touch can make me lose control.

Inextricably bound by our past, we keep each other’s secrets. And while there are people who have the power to hurt us, it’s the truth that threatens us most of all.

Dallas can be mine only behind closed doors, our passion as searing as it is forbidden. Yet nothing in this world has ever felt so desperately, deliciously right.

Dirtiest Secret was my most taboo read so far this year and I loved every second of it. Hottest Mess kept the kinky romance between Dallas and Jane going full force and delves even further into the dark and twisted needs that each harbor as a result of their traumatic past.

While technically Dallas and Jane are siblings, it’s in name only and so I got the need to keep their connection private but I never fully thought of them as brother and sister, so I wasn’t as shocked and I wasn’t sure everyone else would be either. But, I understood. The thrill of being caught each time they had sex right under some unsuspecting party goer or movie watchers nose definitely heightened those scenes, bringing them to new levels each time.

Jane spends a great deal of time pushing Dallas past his limits in an attempt to get him to acknowledge the effects of their imprisonment years before on his psyche and his sexual needs. She demands that he tell her everything both about what happened to him so many years ago and what he has found out regarding the identities of those behind the kidnapping.

Dallas wants nothing more than to be honest with Jane but the intel he has uncovered suggests the person behind their kidnapping was close to them and he doesn’t want to upset her if he’s wrong. The darkness he feels isn’t something he wants to taint Jane with even as she pleads for him to do just that.

While I found the sex hot I didn’t think it was overly dark. Somewhat dominant and kinky yes, but nothing that left me shocked by the twistedness or anything. Dallas makes great strides throughout the book and Kenner does a fantastic job of showcasing that. Growth in a character as the book, trilogy or series progresses is what keeps me coming back for more and Kenner knows how to take her readers on that journey right along with her characters, I also enjoyed how Jane’s opinion of the covert team Dallas helms changed as she found out more details of his captivity. While I found some of her constant pushing grating, in this aspect she won me over.

Of course, just after some heavy revelations are dropped the book comes to a screeching halt with a dramatic cliffhanger that is sure to bring readers back in droves for the final book in the trilogy. Myself among them. Hottest Mess delivers an erotic story of healing and vengeance years in the making!

I give Hottest Mess by J. Kenner 4 stars!

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