Allegiance of Honor by Nalini Singh (Psy-Changeling #15)

Allegiance of Honor by Nalini SinghAvailable: Now Amazon/B&N

Type: Paranormal Romance

Publisher: Berkley

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Pam

The Psy-Changeling world has undergone a staggering transformation and now stands at a crossroads. The Trinity Accord promises a new era of cooperation between disparate races and groups. It is a beacon of hope held together by many hands: Old enemies. New allies. Wary loners.

But a century of distrust and suspicion can’t be so easily forgotten and threatens to shatter Trinity from within at any moment. As rival members vie for dominance, chaos and evil gather in the shadows and a kidnapped woman’s cry for help washes up in San Francisco, while the Consortium turns its murderous gaze toward a child who is the embodiment of change, of love, of piercing hope: A child who is both Psy…and changeling. To find the lost, protect the vulnerable—and save Trinity—no one can stand alone. This is a time of loyalty across divisions, of bonds woven into the heart and the soul, of heroes known and unknown standing back to back and holding the line. But is an allegiance of honor even possible with traitors lurking in their midst?

I loved this one; we experience the conclusion of one story arc and the beginning of another. The change is smooth as the new story builds on the fall of Silence and what will be in the future. We were treated to visiting all previous characters that we have grown to love and then meeting some new ones that I hope will be part of new stories.

It is a time for celebration on many levels. Pupcubs are on their way as Mercy and Riley are ready to become parents. Several groups are celebrating the fall of Silence including most changelings, Psy and the Forgotten however there is a growing group of people that are fighting the change, they feel that the groups should stay separate and that Silence should still be the way of life for Psy. There is trouble brewing and those that are happy with the new life are bracing for a fight.

The focus of the story centers on the Changelings and how their lives are altering. The SnowDancers pack and the DarkRiver pack are intermingled, they still have their own Alphas but many of the pack members have intermarried and so they work together to form a strong foundation. It is fun to see everyone again and watch the next generation thrive, I love Sascha and Lucas’ little girl, Naya who is seen as a symbol of hope. There is some drama with a BlackSea changeling who is missing and the packs work together with the water changelings, trying desperately to find her before it is too late. I enjoyed getting to know a little about new characters and new mysterious packs that hopefully we will see in the future.

This is definitely a transition book, moving us from a completed story arc to new ones and I am excited to see what happens. There is not a lot of action but there is some suspense as several plots are being developed, so the pace is slower, however it does not take away from the story. This is the 15th book in the series and it could be a good starting point for anyone that has not read her past books, she recaps past relationships and catches everyone up as she starts a new storyline. However I highly recommend this series, each story is amazing and Ms. Singh writes such engaging characters and interesting plots that you can’t go wrong. Truly a great addition to the series and I can’t wait for more.

I give Allegiance of Honor by Nalini Singh 4 stars!

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