Love Entwined by M.C. Decker



Title: Love Entwined

Author: M.C. Decker

Genre: Contemporary Romance

  Release Date: June 22, 2016



Are second chances possible in a world plagued with devastating loss, difficult obstacles and everyday commitments?

Having a very genuine understanding of death and grief, Ireland O’Brien has been able to put aside her anger and move forward with a career of helping orphaned children – making their lives better, even though she’s kept her own pain deeply buried within her heart.

Architectural engineer J. Bentley Roberts has also experienced his fair share of heartache. Nearly two decades ago, he suffered the loss of his role model and high school sweetheart in the same tragic accident. And, more recently, Bentley said goodbye to his marriage – leaving him to not only dust himself off, but also to help pick up his teenage son in the unsettling process.

As both of their best friends get ready to say their “I dos,” Ireland and Bentley find themselves together again after twenty years apart.

Will they be able to fight their past demons to finally find the love that’s always entwined them?


Love Entwined by M.C. Decker was my first book by this author. This is a story about second chances after so much pain and loss and overcoming hurdles thrown in their path.

But first, that prologue! That prologue grabbed me immediately. Talk about diving right in!

Years ago Ireland and Bentley (Jamie) had grown up together the best of friends that eventually transitioned to young love. Then a terrible accident changed the course of their lives and each went down very different paths.

But sometimes love just finds a way.

Almost two decades later, Ireland and Bentley meet again as their best friends say their “I dos”. After so much time apart, it is as if no time has passed. They quickly reconnect and move forward.

This story is told in two parts, three really, the prologue, before and after. Once the author throws you that curveball at the start, we go back and see how Ireland and Betley reconnected. I must admit I found this part to be a little rushed, even with their history, but Bentley’s swoon-factor helped to make up for that. He was so sweet and loving. He understood the fears that drove Ireland and did all he could to reassure her.

The beginning of the after just about killed me. Where the beginning was a fast paced, this felt so heartbreaking. I understood the choices each made, but it was so hard to see them go through it. Though I believe what happened helped each character grow, it was at such a big cost.

Ireland had so much loss at such an early age, she found it so much easier to not commit. Her motto was to always be the first to walk away and to never commit. She was afraid to live life, afraid to lose anything she cared about. Though some would consider this a weakness, I saw this more as a way to protect her heart. Though she was cautious about opening up, it was sweet how Bentley reassured her and showed her he cared. Then life throws her a twist that may just finally break her. How much is she willing to risk?

I loved Bentley in the before. He was sweet, romantic and so swoon-worthy. He knew what he wanted and went after it. I found him charming and sweet. Then after the twist, I can understand his decisions, it was still heartbreaking. Then once things change for him, he is hit with unexpected news he does not know how to handle. Can he leave the past behind and trust again?

I also loved Katie, Ireland’s best friend. Their friendship was an unbreakable bond, but at times, their interactions had me in stiches.

This was a great, quick read with just a touch of angst. I would definitely check out other work by this author.

I give Love Entwined by M.C. Decker 3.5 stars

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M.C. Decker is the author of the Unspoken Series, which includes Unwritten and Unscripted, and the upcoming standalone novel Love Entwined. She lives in a suburb of Flint, Michigan with her husband, Brian, and spoiled-rotten Siamese cat, Simon. For the last decade, she has worked as a journalist for several community newspapers in Mid-Michigan and Michigan’s Thumb region. She enjoys all things ’80s and ’90s pop culture: movies, boy bands, music and especially the color, hot pink. She also strictly lives by the motto, “Life is better in flip flops,” and is a diehard Detroit Tigers fan.


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