Stay The Night by Cora Cade (A Day of Pleasure #3)

Stay The Night by Cora CadeAvailable: July 29, 2016 Amazon/B&N

Type: Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Self

My Copy: Sent

Reviewer: Michelle

She’s everything he wants. Even when she can’t see it.

After her last relationship ended in the hospital, Lainey Eversman ditched Ohio to start fresh in a sleepy North Carolina town. Her tiny apartment above the Drunken Duck may be cramped, but she’s ready to let her big dreams erase those bad memories.

When she sprains her ankle, she reluctantly accepts Chris Harper’s help to cut her last few ties to Ohio, though she dares not accept anything else from the sexy architect. The last thing she can trust is her instincts when it comes to men.

Chris knew the fiery Lainey was his one and only the moment he set eyes on her. If only she’d let him get closer than arm’s length. But their trip to Ohio cracks the walls shielding her vulnerability, and she finally, hesitantly, takes that last step into his arms.

It’s still going to be tough to convince her to give love a fighting chance—especially with an ex who won’t take “go away” for an answer.

I don’t know how an author can always manage to fit such a fun, full story into a small amount of pages, but once again Cora Cade does exactly that. Stay the Night is a quick, easy read, but there’s nothing boring about it. The third in a series set in small town North Carolina, this can easily be read as a stand-alone (but you’d be missing out on a couple of other great reads!).

Stay the Night is Lainey’s story. Lainey Eversman is a big city girl trying to create a new life in a small town world. Trying to put her past behind her, she follows her twin brother Cal to the town where he was able to find love and happiness. Lainey isn’t sure the sleepy little place is for her, but she’s willing to give it a try. She wants more than anything to be near her brother and she’s hoping his friends will open their lives to her as well.

One of those friends is Chris Harper. Chris is a nice guy, but he’s a very nice looking “pretty boy” who Lainey is sure has no problem finding someone to warm his bed. Reputation aside, Chris is a work colleague – the architect she’s hired to help her remodel the coffee shop she plans to open. Having been burned by an abusive ex, Lainey has no plans to take their friendship past the flirtation level.

When the competent, confident, smart woman needs help, Chris is more than willing to step in. He has always admired Lainey, and after working closely with her, his attraction has only grown. He knows that Lainey has trust issues – with good reason – but the more he gets to know her, the more he’s willing to work through those issues to have a future with her. She’s unlike anyone he’s ever known and the last thing he wants is to let her slip through his fingers.

I loved the supporting cast of characters. The relationships between Lainey & her brother, Chris and his brother, and the women in their circle, were so real and fun. When Lainey’s ex rears his ugly head and threatens her, the danger was a little cliché but well done. Chris played a big part in removing her abuser from her life, and that helped Lainey to see Chris as more than just the cute guy who is fun to hang out with.

I give Stay the Night by Cora Cade 4 stars!

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